visual poetry from the cyberstream
In ... ......... .. ... ............
.. ... .....time .. ... ............
.. the dream.... .. ... ............
.. ... ......... of the .....culture
In the ......... .. ... hyperculture
.. ... ......... of the hyper.......
.. ... dream.... .. ... ............
In the .....time of ... .....culture
.. ... dream.... .. the hyper.......
.. ... .....time .. ... ............

e( orm utate)ini so lat ion.Notaniso
wi thn ature,... so tha tweassistrat
SU STA INABLEhyp er cul ture:thecons
ib ili ties.Inas ta teo foppressiont
sa nus -media&at he m-m edia,theneac
ui tyi spervasiv et hen thecombineds
Al rea dycheapte ch nol ogyaccesstot
ne can manufactu re inf luenceoverus
bl ish ingimages ,d ata &sound,bydra
ad ict oryrealit ie s.W ecanbegintou
ia lpo werisares ul tof theexploitat
el yad isposable by -pr oductofcultu
er ,by maintaini ng aco nsciousnesso
rd ere dintoamea ni ngf ulgloballyor
st ice go-play.I ns ome traditionalA
ly ins eparablef ro mli fe&creativit
Ca nth esamebesa id ofi nformation?D
ti on& collectiv iz ati onofthesecel
al ity whichcons tr uct edtheprevail
ot bea bletocont ai nth enaturaldive
wi tho utthecont in ual divisionofac
an ent threadofa ct ion butasimultan
ig h-p owerediso la tio ninthemidsto
at eIf wetakeasg iv en, theassumptio
ls &th esuggesti on ofu nlimitedposs
ce the motivefor ac tiv ityhasexpand
y. Onl ysincethe pa ste urizationofs
ll tha thasreall yc han gedisthatsoc
st atu sinthemai ns tre amworldview.
ft heb arrage,in th eey eofthehurric
la cet hegeneric iz ed2 -dimensional
la nte dtheseeds fo rit sentropy&eve
an tax iomsperpe tu ate dbypermacult
t. "/" Theyieldo fa sys temistheoret
he rth animpeden at ura ldevelopment
ti oni ntospecia li zat ion&virtuali
sc ert aindeevol ut ion .Tosustainth
va lan che.Ifsid es are drawn&therei
ar thi saself-re gu lat ingorganism.
nt hat othergrou nd med iaistheeleme
fo rms ofmargina li zed dissent&expe
rs ity ofthegThe re are severalrelev
an gef orthegrea te stp ossibleeffec
en sus quo.Then, is ola tedindividua
ea mti meofthehy pe rcu lture,therec
st em. Aswithany sy ste m,thechaos,n
ci enc e&arthaso ur und erstandingof
me cha nismwhich wi lle ventuallyrep
es &di stortions ;& tha ttheaccumula
ls ofn oisewills lo wly erodethecons
uc hin efficient hu man animalswecan
ex pec ttoseizet he med iafromthedee
he ele ctronicsm or gas bordiswidely
es &ec centricit ie s.T hismaybetrue
is the solution. "/ "Ma ketheleastch
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ti ona ndtheimag in ati onofthedesig
nt uri esartists sc ien tists&invent
on &op pressiurd ai lyl ivescanbereo
ph ic& long-live dp res ence.Inthedr
an ben osingleli ne oft hought,noimm
me dia ;itwillno ne the lessbecoopte
an e.T heability to acc eptandunders
ur ali stBillMol li son ."Theproblem
oe sit leadalife of its ownorisitmer
ea mof informati on &th atsuchnoisei
io nof informati on ,wh ereinpreviou
la tio nofremova l& qua rantinebutah
ic all yunlimite d. The onlylimitont
en all informati on ,th efragmentati
nt ofn oiseinbig br oth ermedia'sstr
du nde rground)f or sol ong.Wecannot
eo use nlivening of all networkercel
he dre amisanesc ap ist relapsebuton
ed int otheunthi nk abl eonitsownacc
in for mation.Ca ss ett e,computer,c
av ail ableinwes te rnc ountries.Jus
gg ing themonoli th dow n&replacingi
in for mation&ev en tsb eendictatedb
Fr omi tspointof vi ew, itregardsall
ri men tationasP UR ENO ISE.&consequ
s. "Ac cordineGa ia nhy pothesisthee
cu ltu re,canthe in for mationglutbe
or sha vebeenreu si ngt hedetritusof
or mus ic,dance& pl ant ing.Theimpul
se tof ragmentth er adi calmedia/inf
nt rod ucedtoasy st emp rovokeschang
li nfo rmationce ll swi lleventually
hi sam etaphorfo rt heo ther.Ifambig
n' tap pearsocha ot ic& fragmented.I
ta sth ecorporat ei nfo rmationmachi
tw ith tenthousa nd dif ferent&contr
te gra tedecolog ic al, biologicalsy
n' tma tterhowra di cal or"noisy"the
me dia liveson.I ff act ,becausethos
re &ov erthroith as bec omepainfully
ei nfo /action/o bj ect dialectic,bu
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kn own universei ns ide aspecimenjar
en tly non-proce ss edi nformationha
nl imi tedterrit or yin whichtoevolv
vi ewo finformat io n&e vents.Itisam
is tak etotarhem ai nst reamforseizu
ne r." /"Everyth in gga rdens,orhasa
co mpo sted&red? Wa ita minute!Force
pd ark recesseso ft heu nderworld.We
,w eca nregister ou rop positionbypu
he rea rethosewh om arg uethatitdoes
db yth emainstre am asm erecuriositi
ta ndn oiseasunt ap ped resourcewill
ie nte dlifestyl e. Int hedreamtimeo
ry you rrootsdee ps int otheglobalin
er vat ionofthea na rch istspirit-st
sn owb allintoag lo bal informationa
pe cta cleisthea tr ica lized.Beings
mu sti nhabitthe me dia withapolymor
op ier ,fax,tele ph one ,radio,cable
TV ,sa tellite,t ou ris m,festivals.
oi se& disintegr at ion areorganical
ya est hetictast e. Thi sisthecultur
in the shortterm bu tmo stoftheunder
ob vio usthatthe im per ialisticment
in gin formation co ngl omeratealsop
ne ffe ctonitsen vi ron ment."/"Work
re ?If wecontinu et hea nalogyofagri
so cie tyforthei ro wnb enefit.Furth
or mat ioninterf ac eby terminologyi
fh ype rculturew il lap pearthatdoes
ns tan taneousac ce sst othegrowthof
sn ova lueoruse. (O rso theythink!)T
no red ,thecultu re ofo thernesshasu
nt ual destructi on .It cannot&willn
he num berofuare so urc epossiblewit
ft heh ypercultu re ,mi lleniumspass
fr ica ncultuere is nos eparatewordf
ri ali sm.Divide ,c onq uer&placethe
.W ith theadvent of inf otechnologya
or d,i nitsownti me &po wer,avisiono
nd ers tandhyper cu ltu reasafullyin
al men talitylef tf rom theageofimpe
ct imi zed.hyper cu ltu rehasaunique
en abl eallhyper na uts toinstallthe
fi nfi nitehyper te xtu allinksbetwe
fo rma tionma.-M ie kal And1990..PbN

In the dreamtime of the hyperculture
th ere canbenosi ng lel ineofthought
no imm anentthre ad ofa ctionbutasim
ul tan eousenliv en ing ofallnetwork
er cel lsandthes ug ges tionofunlimi
te dpo ssibiliti es .-M iekalAnd1990

In the dreamtime of the hyperculture
there can be
no single line of thought,
no immanent thread of action,
but a simultaneous enlivening
of all networker cells
and the suggestion
of unlimited possibilities.

Miekal And, 1990

Source material from Miekal And, USA
Copyright © 1998 Poem by Nari