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ON EXPERIME             NTAL_P OE TRY by_Michae l_
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Basinski _________                     perimental_p                                                                     ,_th er                           ng_experi e nce._
My_first thought                       oet ry i s_l e f t_to poet                                                         e_are_non-p oets list ening_    And_it_must_c ontinue
on_exper imental                         ically_po si tiv e_ outsider                                                     and_re                          to_do_ so._It_is_so
poetry_i s_that_it                     s,_radicals,_and eccent rics,_and_t o_the_poets from_th                          adin g_                         m
is_hardl y_experime                    e_wor king_classes o                                                               poetry!_Tru e,_ it_i s_a_sm
ntal_eno ugh._There                      r f ro m_ workin g -c l ass                                                      all_au                        ethi ng_that_titi ll
is_far_t oo_little_                      b a ckgrounds. F ortu n atel                                                   dien ce                                      ates th
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pushi ng_and  pulling   and_man          is_a_fantastically_r ich_loom_of writers who_ar not_ric                          as_it_                                     es_( as
                                         h_o r_ s uburba n i n_ment a li t y._Ther e ar e_tho s                         has_ no                         w
ipul  ating_  of_lite   rary_ bo           e_working_wi t h the visua                                                     t_been_in_t he_n ear_ past._    ell_as_t he_m in
                         unda ri           l_and_aural_ p o ten tia                                                       Experi
                         es_i n_         l                                                                              ment al                           d). A_ p oet r y_ sl am_i s
                         the_ rea        of_ p o et r y_ and_t h                                                          poetry_is_t her efor e_a_po       as_experimen tal_in p re s en t at io n_a s_a
                                           ose_pushing_ t h e_m oral                                                      pulace                            performance_ in_a_d a rk , ob s cur e_ ga l lery ._Ex
lm_o f_the_po em._I thin k_that_t          content_of_p o e try -_t                                                     event. P                            perimental_p oetry' s mi s sion i s_ t o_ en gag e_t
h                                        h                                                                                e                                 he_ordinary_ (this_ m ea n s_or d in a ry_ pe op l e_an d_or
  is_is_th e_re s u lt_                  at_ is , tho s e_ enga ged_ i                                                o
  of_p o e tic                             n_writing_about_ t h e_bod y_(particul arly_anythi ng_tha                ple_are_in t er e sted                  di na r y_r e
  care e r ism                             t_has_to_do_with_hum an_sexuali t y). Interes t i ngly, both o f_th    i                                           aders_too!)_ and_ma k e_ p oetr y al i ve ag ain to_
  ._So m e of_                           e                                                                        n_it!_Ex                                    those_beyond the_eg g -h e ad_w o rl d of_ to o_ m uch_ of_m
  our_ be s t_and_potentially_br         se_forms_of_writ ing_ar e_locating_ their_audie nces_in                p                                           o
  ighte st p oets_are_more_concerned     an incr                                                                                                          d
  with_ pr i zes_and_photo_sessions_t      easing ly_ gr ow i ng_ n                                             erime ntal_poetry_h                     e
                                             on-l it                                                            a
  han_poetic                                   erary_commu nity ._Th at_is_                                       s_made_the poem_                      rn poemitr y.
M i c h a e l   B a s i n s k i
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Source material from Michael Basinski, USA
Copyright © 1999 Poem by Nari