visual poetry from the cyberstream
   -e      - e    : e    -     -    -    e  = e    e.   @ e     .  e
  .    - e  e :    e  @   . e    e.   (   e    e ) -    e :
                e      .0. (1 )  : e    e  @e      .     :"       e .  e
   e     "<  e e  1@  . e    .   >    : e     e  <    e  @ e    e.   >
       -    :     e    e  @e      .   ;        e    e  -   e @e      .
    e   e e -  :            e    e  @e      .       -          e:<
  : e    e  -          e@e      .   >   e: e ,      0001 :1 :1  e   -  :
   e    e  @e      .       e  :[ e    e  ]* e     e     e      *
   -       -      :      -     -    -       =       .   @       .
  .    -      :       @   .       .   (          ) -      :
                       .0. (1 )  :         @       .     :"         .
         "<       1@  .      .   >    :          <       @       .   >
       -    :             @       .   ;                -     @       .
            -  :                    @       .       -           :<
  :         -           @       .   >    :   ,      0001 :1 :1      -  :
           @       .          :[         ]*Negative Confessions*
    *Negative Confessions*
    is a Poem by Nari collaboration of M.D. Coverley and Ted Warnell
           Concept development: M.D. Coverley and Ted Warnell
           *Book of the Dead* background texts: M.D. Coverley
                Site design and programming: Ted Warnell
    The *Negative Confessions*
    /M.D. Coverley/
    Chapter (Spell) 125
      in the Egyptian *Book of the Dead* is comprised of forty-two
      "*Negative Confessions*." In an inversion of the Biblical Ten
      Commandments, these confessions attest to the sins that the
      late deceased, appearing before the Gods of the Underworld,
      did not commit during life. Upon entering the Hall, the
      deceased is instructed to make: "The Declaration of Innocence
      Before the Gods of the Tribunal (What should be said when
      arriving at the Hall of Justice by one who knows the names
      of the forty-two gods)." Each of the confessions follows a
      pattern: first, an address to one of the forty-two gods, a
      reference to the god's origin, and then the denial of sin.
      "/O Far Strider, who came forth from Heliopolis, I have done
      no falsehood./"
    *Negative Confessions*
    /Ted Warnell/
    *Negative Confessions* is a hypertext work
      of five linked texts by M.D. Coverley, forty-two 'spells' from
      the Egyptian *Book of the Dead*, plus processed *digital code
      poetry* (derived from open source Javascript files in Robert
      Kendall's *The Connection System* -- a suite of hypertext
      authoring tools).

a usex per em Annu an ari-a asfet   a hept seset per em xer-aba an auau-a   a fentiu per em xemmenu an t'au-a   a am xaibit per em qernet an smam-a ret sep sen   a Nehaa-hra per em Re-stau an het tebh   a rereti per em pet au xebt-a   a maa-f per em xet per em Saut as t'a-a xet neter   a nebat per em xetxet an t'et-a ker   a set qesu per em Suten-henen an nehem-a ammet   a utu neser per em Het-ka-Ptah an kena-a   a Qereti per em amentet an nek-a en nek-a   a hra-f ka-f per em tephet-f an Oerem-a   a Bastiper per em setat an am ab-a   a ta ret per em axex an teh-a   a am snef per em nemmat an ari hennuit-a   a am besek per em Mabet an auau-a henbet   a neb maat per em Maati au metmet-a   a tennemiu per em Bast an sem re-a   a Sertiu per em annu an sexun-a[an]-as her xet   a Tutu-f per em Ati an nek-a hemt t'a   a Uaamenti per em xebt an nek-a hemt t'a   a maa antu-f per em Per-Amsu an tata-a   a Her uru per em amemt an ari-a heru   a Khemiu per em Kesiu an ari-a asfet   a Seset-xeru per em Urit an ta-a   a Nexennu per em Uab an sexa-a hra-a her t'etet maat   a Kennememti per em Kennemmet an sent-a   a An hetep-f per em Sau an per-a   a Sera-xeru per em Unaset an xennu-a   a Neb hrau per em Net'fet an asta-ab-a   a Sexeriu per em Uten an semetmet-a   a Neb abui per em Sauti an as xeru-a her t'etet   a Nefer-Tmu per em Het-Ptah-ka an auiti-a an ari-a ban   a Tem sepu per em Tettu an ari-a senti suten   a ari em ab-f per em Tebu an rehen-a her mu   a Ahi per em Nu an qa xeru-a   a uat rexit per em Sau an senu-a neter   a Neheb-ka per em tephet-f an ari a saqit   a Neheb-nefert per em tephet-f an het pautti neteru   a Set'eses-tep per em kera an nehem-a xenf er xu   a An a-f per em Maat an nehem-a xenf nexen an seqasat-a neter nut-a   a Het' abehu per em Ta-se an semam-a ah neteri  

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