a Room without Walls


Peter Ganick
    Around A Corner

Peter Ganick

Around A Corner:
an epidermis

Around A Corner - part 5

Peter Ganick (1998)


where the slaughter flees a real-time softness

goes to sleep under pillows next door time to share

the opalescent imaginations of survivors of the

next depiction thinking to effect hidden rostrums

next to the affected stream of slowness in tapestry-

making seeing as so much is online or on the line 

but addicted as compulsory nuance from sendoffs 

receiving the attachment of the fourth estate to gravitate

to someone else then revealing to bother a wallet for

forcing down holderlin and schiller where the time

was not ripe for exculpating a whole data base in the

experience of nervous imaging techniques not the 

gestation of tectonic upheavals literally something too

cast-in-marble waiting for laptop repairs in the 

fluid you will soon see hereafter that space to fill,


dreamy that someone would escape the time of now

into a formatless bloat of hunkering down obedient and

memorized in front of the house for the stolen damsel

never retrieved middle child that saves herself in the

walking though not as far-reaching nether-normality

as bringing in the sadness of leap and fall some calling

ebb and flow the shit-list of demands thinking themselves

the reason for being in a fact too lost for words his memos

too busy and regulated in the heart to evade innocence 

from all over the world as he puts it to bite down on the

ample nipple offered by the world of work someone else

sleeping where no planet would otherwise await tunes to

resume the familiarity of velcro or spandex between ears

the relationing that someone would do to you forming

an idea of nothing,


each immanence follows the other aware of time

and floodlit stages priming the music of delay and

tentative starry night padma lotions notorious as the

asking to be there foreign stipends that excel in booting

out the horrible man of the hour lost to glow in form

the spiralization of moiré patterns thinly disguised where

a new collation versatile as the obliquely sleeper-girl boating

up the slot-filled majordomo asylum saying the lost-to-being

where no one is admonished and photographed for music

honed as awry in improper relationships that vessels cannot

prenatally admit too much and lucid from the start

those taken advantage of in moral fibrous tumors

on the buttons pulled off somersaults of when this is ready

for noxious weighing-down in prior checking to believe

an awareness of delimited avocation not going there too late

gotcha inner voices to blur the dancing baby killing to 

amount to something of the loner-sheep pluralized in

in ecological drift that sumptuous chloroform potentate as

motile format going away to sunday light in another country

the forgery of parental context blossomed into another person

unexpected amidst the fluid nature of theatrical reflections

ptomaine to the tarot offer on teevee,


too trebly but asymptotic for revue in the commonsense

that acclimates to normal revelations under small priorities

as far as the concentration goes a sweeter voice to prevail

not so sleepy as faced with the blur of clueless execution

cuddled with infamous properties thinking to seal off

with peanuts and beer thanked the farewell of originality

as when it gardens its little beds and little rooms without a

prevaricated damage of subwoofer glee tomorrow that simmering

as paid in advance to supine study early morning lateness

the accumulation of a dossier a flavor a face on the wall

in a portrait of why the need for something eroticized

needles under the skin or the now-called epidermis that

going the direction cutesy bread loser bothersome to blood

flocks of speechless speechwriters noteworthily advancing

the pretty neat glow of reminders that get out of the house

to aver a similarity with parallel impossibilities literally the

strewn to slowdown affect that gone into her mind too long

for complete entry anyway she flees the parallel and will

never be seeking a place to lose her game taking worldviews

from the enculturated and the amazed by the ripened-by-life

too lite for agglutination not letting them pet their grief

without a blur of romance to go there with miscues and

delays nowhere else a piazza that can be sat upon then 

waiting for hidden rumors thinking the other thoughts,


next to the slow demand for incoherence is coherence

taller tattered than the famously-prioritized excelling that

did not send snailmail the packet of versatility on a beach

too late than a construction usage of yesteryear update the

only impoverishment that reneges whose floodlit melange

restricts before the secondary sour nature plies

an awareness of easy figures of the possible however

updated by cross-referencing the magistrate nuanced by

not really liking the song on the rapist mind offering

tentative posts for terminal virtue the relegating to

online processing looking at the history of sleep wherever

a protein shake featuring vanilla would get out of the hosiery

she adapts to reading procedurally supine on the couch that

word literally the only musically protested voice knowing up

to loss of innocence going for the numerical stratification that

impedes geometric anomalies sorted by role and time

his more than hers only for now though in the praxis at

referred to exfoliated innersprings for sale the materialism

of siphoning the largest workaholic away from an even-faster

processor that can better the mutations accumulating under 

the incoherent tension between checkerboard wimps that

candle-up to aggravation and merciless veneer imploded for

those prior checkpoints not getting examined in the trousseau

that is impractical surviving herself the procedural shirts

on the body of memory thinking to abrogate smallness ultrafine

notions which assert assumptions in the refrigerator provided

for and asked not too early all the people asleep at this hour

thistle and sunflower in the backyard to blanket a field of

unintentionally layered destruction no one wandering through

the opalescent imaginations that covertly form underneath

skittish shetland terriers and impoverished children unable

to afford them the sinecure of energy who treats itself as

bartered impropriety once looking at the screen is shared from

paltry sell-offs in the triads that matter,


brocades of cerebral impiety accelerate the void

sundown cannot merit infatuated as it is thinking of

social involvement in these operation-arachnid terms

of the saddle-borne that impale on frowning ropes

the teamless inquiry that did not print out for separatists

songs before leading lights call time what it willingly effects

the shape of her actuality his acquiescence to another world

formed of its visibility not going there one hedonism

to frequent parliamentarian logics the temperate not

the naïve in space for glowing a resistance to the

keyed-in holding wrists up for the piano effortlessly

the toughness stricken into for a role to play that will not

natter against the jollying of spermicide and glasnost

nosh topped off with fluid entrapment in the river viaduct

too switched for paralogical nebbishes to flood the pure light

of teamless tripping over a stone in the street after 

labor day soon getting calls from the web histrionics the

strangeness that intends itself for nothing new old or neither

why the language knows itself in opposites glaring at the

scrambled overtures tossed away in descriptions and remorse

too late to retract,


precisely my reasoning called the follicle of her hairpiece

garnering support for his candidate by sugar cubes for

the elephants bleeding whose colorful undying reservoir

knows tobacco to be home at the rape of uniqueness and

passing notes in front of the teach-in when that ghost

rewrapped the vermicelli the gonorrhea that sruti advises

to admonish in the touched-up paint-job on her summons to

action by logorrhetic palaver that quickly gets the cue

of another not-being-interested-enough by agendas yourself

responding to the sleeping toad into the pond on a jumper

cable hatted from a tussle in the woozy unit-awareness if

this reality out loud inflames toxicity of greeting sent off

for purification gnarled fingers tinkling the bells of rhythm

aware that someone is calling those bad lawns without music

the serpent that lasts a year longer before dying out in

a risky venture dramatized later in the excelling where

no oedipal surgery graceless enough not to allow to think

roseate thoughts jumps off bridges for kicks not the glow of

sudden sustenance the large agenda allowing for those to

resonate with thisness by now anaconda trucks and conceit

for the rules never always sometimes previously in the future

weep for you,


blue as the capable to being a surface for excavation

as impulse gone impossible not commenting where theatrical

in nature goes ahead of those that start new jobs without

previous knowledge of the persons who will try to get them

into bed without their actuality accessed deigned forensic

pataphilia knowing itself the logic of inertia and glaring trust

thinking too much too latent for subcutaneous insertion as a 

skin that page and content did not get far away to this removal

of urgency the surging of priority the affected by the balloon-

tropicalism that went to sleep somewhere in the mud of a

deserted romance inputs to the grace going there whenever



how many insertions to the bartending school email could

believe intention revelation going back and forth touching

space-filled how she fouled out in the opacity of tenebrous

metrics frocks unzipped and creased by use

torsos seemingly entered from angels that unit-awareness

valleys into as the promise of buttered future in the

cromagnon summary intentionally rude and pure at the

rodeo usage knowing itself to get into another country laughing

at usages unintended for distribution elsewhere,


the real is alert for a climate of generation and dacoits

those ghostly accolades imperiling tomato-throwers

read the boots of a hammerklavier of zero-plied thensomeness

where advantage is acculturated by venial prurience

and demandingly toxic entries into faceless metrics announced

by the telephone ringer thought often a smooth voice

on the stereo noteworthy listener notwithstanding the love

arising where nothing but spirit and spiritual thought is

advanced certainly noted inputs for the possibility of

wonderful examination of kitchen jitneys absolved for

fruition not email in the morning when the acceleration as

ghostly romance serves a badly odiferous notion attended to

in one data-stream thinking itself too latent or garish for

moving in on the yoni-thought paradoxically the next excision

temperant and crying in the rumors to heartless forms

thin as the restriction on sensation previous not hearing that

what doing is not asking too many questions and she can

look for herself losing his watchproof waterfalling temptation

in the data-stream of florid turgidity realizing the booted compulsion

nebbishness at the ramifications that could scroll taxis through

selfishness and demeanor wherever they dance the new

strangers on floors bending out iron bars through withdrawal

from north end photography gerrymandered in this computed

selvage thousandfold to purify and add nitrates to discourse

waiting for the exonerated unfriendliness that sells a team for

sudden accumulation where little cries of pleasure hit

too many keys at one lightened heart by the notion of

what was seen and done earthly neighborhood hirsute in

suburbia even if remembered nowhere the docile autobiograph

ears on the hearing to begin where,


namo blueblood not sizeable alternate to historical hospitality

time spent going to worthless amateurs now starting to

advance the notion of food grappled in the face of a call

to virginal property saltines and volatile hearts to the

rescue remembering that figure that goes to the finger

offered a bit to the left for a ceramic voice in the soloists that

naively prosper to avant-garde somnolence thinking to

have a favorite day by oneself to bleed time for items at an

atomic relationship for waiting outside the folding chairs

of another world in light going to the park foreign planet

himself going to the depot nepotism a rule of language

roped other calling or neologism to offer a peevish atomic

notion whiling around the block tonight once again on the

cd-player tonight not helping each other in any manner sleeping

all day topological singularity needless of the release version

to be believed for once in a lifetime the garbageman goes to

the queen imperiling the open-door policy left to accumulate

in conversation with no one else that park thoughtlessly 

as the garage band winds up in downtown finery she perhaps

did start it over again without knowing the softness of her voice

someone there gorilla-bound thou plotting the calculation of

here against one willingly pure team to seamless energy

after the going to meeting without a companion may be the

most agreed-upon imagery yet to thisness after a begging hold

on the truth,


forgetting a camera of convention to veer away

after a sensual impression of terrifyingly naïve women

brought to solder leaden sinkers in the teardrop eyes

of a glowworm understood while the door autistic phosphor

that waives plot-fulfillment for the burst acknowledgement

of bad treatment too late for modification slaphappy in

the starburst omniscience seeking when the ploddingly amorous

know to lose when excelling at service to relationing itself

as a mentor to advantage go doing things for herself to

bestial announcers in another place cooler and softer

narrating the slovenly atomic praxis going fast or slow

how the streets start overtly to remove clutter of the terms

that accept selfish generosity towards all embodied beings

how it goes this time around,


how it gotcha in those politesses going to remove acceptance

from lighthearted limitation the atman in release from

pliant rendering something still pleasingly woken by

wanting out to offer of this room in the stomach for nattering

the wholly-accepted not-asking of whose signifier is

plus-two when close and far not after shutting down the

shockwave mitoses then to download from netscape

the modicum of freeware updates then pleasingly slept

in arms and feet the tiger of streets that slit around named

bereft to go away vocality in the praxis of temperance

not acknowledged for itself not able to get into hissy fits

of hidden paradoxes notion stopping downtown formats

as the depressive anatomy of thickness and pillow-talk

abstruse for the moment not commented and kept from

commentary in the planetary grist himself an item for growth

herself being her own ghost in the flame of time and timeshare

replete with wisdom getting terrified by not confiding perhaps

in the trusted oculist of dust and service,


maybe one day the strobe lights will truly attempt to

repress energy going into sellout terabytes noteworthy a

wary tone to the burning teardrop in earthly litigation

why uniting natures for growth in the structures already 

established for working thoughtful consideration everybody

else slavishly promising to adopt those children of the

conventional removal improperly trying to disengage to thick

advantage someone as the holder of a sexual relationship with

blouses shouting teams to revelation offered by

near drama licentious reading twixt the linear matrices

that disallow propriety of accumulation goers all for the

emotional surge under a pin of stamina alterations aside

to the text in slept files that drawing down of themselves in

new menus at the local café lite notions properly talking with

a separate data-burst in the padma literally implants from

the romance on the headlights of carrots and donkeys we

are not separate from,


nervously attempting to remove bother without substitution

of small talk in the teevee screen at the european litmus test

talking perhaps the gem of crepe however to limitation altering

asymmetrical breath in the obvious faultlines amounting to

sawtooth savior faire the worldview noticed by anointing

process wanting to talk motionless amounts of meditation

as the tool for pleasing traffic in and out of leering at things

that are jewels of the mewling kitchenware ghosts removed

from a data-burst in unit-arrangement hearing the faraway

shutdown in the driveway of closed doors topologically running

whenever they wanted to stealth jazz-hats wanting thinkers

for minimum wagers on the internet illegally of course the

text to row down the mind made up in time to slothfully

group something asked for as the blurred savior nothing can

accrete into classlessness,


needing to make smaller the toned afterthought of

actualized melisma and virtual gestation north of the

salvation that emits distance offering too much limitation

too purely for theatrical blueprints in the newly dusted room

thinking that she tires at the omniscience of revaluation not

too wary of deliberation thinking at the moment of

oneself and herself inside the outside of commonsense

tone-refused byline on the radiation of glee and fulfillment

nothing bartered by handing outward essentials from

porcelain monitors that arrive by the hand-raked lawns

seen in reviews of delimited digestion falsely-enough blurred

yes and no at the same time to croon after blunt management

volcanic to the tryst of nuance forming the dream that selvage

prospers where noteworthy and glamorous to believe a realism

of tossed properties not too sampled foreign or relationed

into being a cork on the somersault ocean thinly addressed 

by the sleek vinyl cords around hidden mollusks under deep

ramifications yes and now nowhere to behave the beginning

too late for announcing however lost one is without the samplers

that supine on image relax from protest and grappling,


nevertheless a radiation of scrambled ache as is

known to purchase the daughter from the father is

ennuyant in format for gross priestly acquisition the

boots under the structure of group-slaughter once

a wallet bounces off troubled inflammations sought for their

abrupt seeing of the body at the doorway left out in the rain

a malediction not too parallel in logic gorillas tonight boundaried

into sellout materialism noted to get back to brass hammers

no previous experience noted blossoming under the strivings

of expedient immersion nuance-driven too much into the

opposite loss that data implies front and back sent off into

the ethereal notions of glissando and ritornello not too late

for immense latencies of pure tapping to reveal later the

strident trust of nature to bleed where nothing else selected

a page width before the samples were sold,


needy speakers on the rubric of teleology hoovered into resurrection

canceling the terabytes of bromides too late for environmental

displacement alert to smallness and deliberation after

a wall fell down to layers of response throughput in the tureens

of soup cans in glimmer toxins blissfully loudness aggravated

bunched up and not counting but assaulted by loitering that

cannot imagine too much possibility forensic toil for the motiveless

in anarchic array pure agonistic motion emerging to see you 

whirring around the corner some other data loss noteworthy 

as a nettle driven to hurt by its absence seen through the

parasites that disclaim airplanes in the midwest not cutting

the grasp out of her light that pralada impossible notions too

mutated for immersion too notorious for driveways as sold

into slavery gorillas at the exits to verify id-cards,


even giving havoc to the rambunctious naivete of group-sleep

thistle at the echo of late autumn on the beach of

drastic alternatives toned through the licenses of a

plus-three that did not excel in itemizing the acceleration

of lesions that present themselves to the small booklets

progressing thrice into groomed silicon and ghostwritten

anatomies of the text-driven skeptics born to lead a kickback

fomented for once into a ghetto cool tall and luscious drinks for

all involved tonight the pleasured infatuation of ghosts form

once a world is nothing too late as the inflammation not

blissful or toxic somewhere in between marking off a distance

leit-motif of the surgeon to the reopening tool of gross plurals

hickory smoke barbecues the way of light in diamond thumbs

tingling the propers of bothersome survivalists getting the 

strudel out for pleasance whose mind is critical for the motes

in her eaten-out earth gaia of the naïve too late for burden

needless of the steamliner plus-ten that makes one feel good

about actuality and the enough of never enough throughput

exculpation when the zigzags out themselves from spoiling 

a thought about later on the oink of fader that skoal to bleed

when pristine actors knowledgeable in trial law do not

then do respond in trust then tampered by here for free that

suffering that notion least blissful to accrue the crush of flying

awareness in the loneliness of what is saved for excretion in

luck and grace faceless in front of the then-pixilated infatuation

tines affected not to comply with affable innuendo too late

but starting later on much later on that immense tactility

of gravity and acceleration perhaps goal-driven but

holding on to that cash for the music store whose identity

usage-driven inputs cannot blur bleeding through her clots

hundreds of miles away from here,


opening the cruise-control of peevish licensing two hours 

onto the rhythm that falls through slovenly promise denatured

in accolade perhaps going there these adipose munitions where

goslings are starved for asking as being prepared for

launching the formless anarchy of desire that insecurely

prevents demands of possibility whereas plus-two ochre

is the servicecenter not going anywhere softened by chakras

that do not check the bleeders under an air-conditioned fence-

shape too light for thematic impatience to rule out the rerun

of posthaste glamour thinking to delete the informally toxic

abruptness of maladaptation to the formless brahman in

alertness and severity call it severity new deadlines at the soloist 

that sells fevers to planetary silos once it is night time to decrease

contrast and increase brightness wounds of 

text and delay not too immersed commenting wherever a

parity is defined for blotted sameness in the feet and hands

of a structure this weeping street of yoga rhythmics not tooled

allowing the mixture of glistening and febrile noted in 

who has can-do replacement for a waterfall calendar affected by

ubiquitous novices selling computers that no one needed as much as

torn history of denial and desire refuted originality in the stolen

handrail that is cushioned from ultrafine dimensional turgidity

perhaps going to the other place not to be seeded from

anonymous lost hassles in taking the last week off for a

wooly mantra in dacoit memory spoiling the intensity wherever one

can believe to seem a frisson of once-longingly pure tappings through

the student and the orison often so lovingly taxonomic as to 

blot out the sun in garrisons of soldiers humid as gone to

amaze entropic muzak not too loud not too soft not that

or the other place no going there for a while evermore to be on the

mailing list of the center that holds souls in grasp

nothing attracts his logic that serves to sever thinking of those

that predate the microwave literally,
Works in this Room copyright © 2001 by Peter Ganick


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