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Mark Peters
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Mark Peters

from Enormously Important

     for Pete Balestrieri

After 50 years of trying, I finally read the greatest book of the 20th Century.

Looking back at Mark Peters's long and illustrious career, I think the quality that sets him apart from all other writers is that he set the bar of excellence at such a high level that in our immediate future, his status is unlikely to ever be challenged.


Brilliant methodology of a highly charged and politically provocative character.

You'll travel through time and space, meet amazing aliens, and greet all your favorite characters.

Fluent and graceful, these good tales will appeal to both adults and children.

"He was the best at everything," you'll say, pausing long enough to have an android wipe the oatmeal from your chin.

Enormously Important is now a bigger hit than Bing Crosby's "White Christmas."

The episodes explode one after the other like fireworks on a stormy night. No doubt about it, this book is destined to become a classic.

Drawing on over a decade of new research, Mark Peters, founder and director of "Your Life Matters" treatment centers, presents a refined and restructured 28-day program for you to overcome hidden food addictions in this revised edition of his groundbreaking classic.

Mark Peters is such a masterly presence in the dialogue of Latin American culture that it's easy to forget he is first and foremost a poet . . . but a reading of this volume reveals that in the polyphony of his voices the poetic one still rings loudest and clearest.

I hate Mark. He pees in the house and gets hair on your clothes.

This is a story chock-full of plots and subplots, of trails in pursuit of trails, all of which allow its author an occasion to display his customary virtuosity as an avantgardist magician, acrobat and clown.



My new husband bought this book for us when we were apart for 2 months during the summer before we were married on 8-30-97. We used it on our honeymoon to make sex even more special and very sexy! It's the best book I've seen and so many interesting things to do. I do have to say though, that the temptation was too much for him . . . he couldn't even wait to be with me and find out gradually what the quickies were. He cheated and opened them all . . . but I suppose it got him through the pain of being apart. Just thinking about those quickies sets your imagination running wild!! Try it yourself! There's NO WAY anyone can ever be disappointed with this book . . . it will add LOTS of spice to your love life. I'm really looking forward to being able to try Mark's other books and I hope he'll keep this series coming!!

After reading this book I wondered what the characters are doing now. I had to tell myself these were not people, just characters, I'm still trying to convince myself of that. The male / female perspective, was a rare occurrence, I think Mr. Peters has hit on something BIG. It doesn't get better than this. KEEP THEM COMING.

Obviously, Mark's not afraid of commitment.

As a primary elementary school teacher in San Diego, I think this book should be mandatory reading for all incoming educators. It will liberate your thought and focus you on your mission: to teach as one with the community.

A simple story about a man, his dog and a pharmaceutical company.

A wonderfully comic depiction of academic life. The funniest book of the year. No competition.

On the other hand, the plot of Enormously Important is so simple that it is complex.

Brilliantly prosed and composed.

When he was only twenty-three, this, Mark Peters' first novel, created a literary sensation. He is very special, one of America's superlative writers who conjures up a vision of existence as terrible as it is real, who takes us on shattering voyages into the depths of the spiritual isolation that underlies the human condition.

Look out, guys and gals! Here comes an ethnic beauty for all seasons. Mark Peters is an extraordinarily beguiling goddess who is no stranger to the adult industry. His extremely lucrative dancing career has him featuring in some of the hottest clubs in the U.S.A.! It took no less than three weeks and a dozen phone calls to get in touch with Mr. Peters. All the effort paid off because he is an extremely professional and sweet young man, not to mention a joy to talk to. Mark is originally from the state of Virginia and now calls Los Angeles home. He has graced the pages of almost every women's publication, which is a major accomplishment since he spends all his time touring. Mark prides himself on his professionalism and his attention to detail even in the adult industry. He said, "If I make a commitment to be somewhere for a job, then I do everything in my power to be there." We can only hope this kind of attitude is contagious!

When he is writing about someone or something he loves, he is irresistible; when he is writing about someone or something he despises, he can manage to enlist one's sympathies, if only momentarily, for the object of his contempt.

That's why I love Mark--he's convenient.

Money and sex have possibly made Mark Peters the most powerful and important man in this country.

It's fun from cover to cover.

I have no hesitation in judging this year's most vital and permanent book of poems to be Enormously Important . . . No one now writing poetry in the English language is likelier than Peters to survive the severe judgements of time . . . He is joining that American sequence that includes Whitman, Dickinson, Stevens, and Hart Crane.

Contains cussing, domestic violence and the aftermath of a car crash.

Enormously Important is a brilliantly tangled love story of jealousy, treachery & violent alcoholic lust in the Caribbean boomtown that was San Juan, Puerto Rico, in the late 1950s. "It was a gold rush," says the author. "There were naked people everywhere and we all had credit."

Strong, unsentimental, smart, loving. Makes me want to be a better mother and daughter. A great book about families and the human spirit in times of crisis.

Mark is looking for a girl who really wants a serious on-line relationship. He'd love to have "cyber-sex" if you want, if not, he's fine with that. He also loves dirty e-mails......Oh! His "body-type" is "curvy."

In his review of Mark Peters's new book, Enormously Important, Chuck Eddy makes him sound like a crazy-ass 13-year-old pervert, which wouldn't be bad if that's what he is but he's a grown man, dammit!

I am going to make this one up as I go along, so here goes nothing. It is a warm summer night. I am home alone. I am bored. I go out the door get into a taxi and head downtown to find a place where the beat is thumping. After I get out of the taxi, I enter a nightclub. The dance beat is booming and the people are going with the flow. I see a man. He is a blonde. He is rather short, and he looks like Mark, I am not sure, could it be him. I walk up to him and ask him to dance, he says yes and I say go. Love is the drug, got a hook on me. After we dance for awhile and have a few drinks, he asks me to go home with him. We climb into his car and head off into the night. We get to his home, and we walk to his front door. The door opens, and we walk inside the house. Once inside I notice that it is dark in there. I see red laser beams. A figure walks forward from the darkness.

from pet-eating

     for Lee Meredith

If I had a pet and someone offered me money to eat my pet I would probably take their offer. If I knew this person had a lot of money and was willing to pay me any price, I would start off at $600. The reason I am willing to sell my animal is I could get some kind of pet and something else I wanted at the same time.

If it was a beloved pet to me, I would not accept it. Anything that I love I usually do not put a price on. In the case of my pet, if the person wanted to buy and take real good care of it, I might reconsider. Since the person wants to take its life to satisfy his hunger, I would tell him to take his money and buy a steak.

Cheech is my favorite pet. He is an iguana.
Itemization of cost to eat Cheech
He was bought for $ 49.50
His cage and accessories cost $ 60.00
Time owned (2 yrs@10 per month) $ 240.00
Sentimental value $ 100.00
        (He rates high on my love-o-meter)
Estimation of food consumed during life $ 50.00
Luxury Tax (Iguana casserole is rare) $ 24.00
Cost to eat Cheech-- $ 464.50

I have three rottweilers! I don't think anyone wants to try to eat a rottweiler. I'll say for $1,000 someone could try to eat my dog only if they try to kill the dog with their bare hands. I figure if they eat my dog I want to watch them try to kill the dog. If I had to bet the $1000 dollars, I'd bet on my dog.

If a stranger came up to me and asked me if they could eat my pet for any amount of money, I wouldn't believe them. I would really have to be convinced that they were serious because I couldn't even imagine anyone wanting to eat my cat and even more outrageous pay me any amount of money to do it! I think they would have to stand there and find some way to convince me they were serious before I would even consider it. Once I got to the point that they were serious then I would decide that this guy was sick! I love my cat too much to have it put to sleep and then eaten by a complete stranger. My cat is like part of the family. After my decision I would probably go home and have nightmares about people eating my cat alive.

I would take anything over $1000 for someone to eat my pet. My cat is 12 years old and is going to die soon . . . like really soon. I don't mind selling my cat since I think that would be easier than burying it in the backyard. Why $1000? To compensate for all those cans of cat food.

I don't have a beloved pet. Therefore, would I eat someone else's pet for any amount of $? No, of course not. People value their pets as if they were part of the family, and to eat something that is like a human to people is like asking them to roast their father for ten bucks. No amount of money would be enough to break up such a cherished relationship. Especially because 48-72 hours later it'll be in the toilet.

It all depends on what kind of animal it is. If it's a rabid dog I don't see myself eating the thing. Just think about what the animal has disease-wise. I would only eat the meat--no organs or hair or any of that trash. No head either, the animal gets decapitated first. It also depends on the chef. I would have to get a good chef, like the one from the Muppets who can cook anything. It would have to be breaded and smothered in a sauce of sorts depending on the critter. Unless it was a gerbil or something, then I would just want it on a nice quality roll with some sauce and toppings. Shit I don't know how much.

I wouldn't do it either way, it's immoral.

I don't think there is any amount of money that could make me give up my little dog! Although it seems crazy, and it doesn't make much sense, I can't see giving her up and being able to live with myself. Money isn't everything, but it would be nice. However, her little eyes, and little wagging tail are irresistible. She is a good pal to watch TV with. She is like a member of the family. She isn't ready yet to make her trip to poodle heaven. It would be almost like having your sister killed for money. So for now, I'll just continue to pet her and let her lie around the house all day.

    This is a collection of responses to a question I made up with Lee Meredith in Terre Haute, Indiana. Thanks to Ryan Bigler, Kristen Duquette, Nate Patrus, Dan Shea, and Leslie Gold for helping me collect more responses than I could have on my own. And thanks to David Greenberger and his Duplex Planet project. Without Greenberger's amazing work, this piece would not have been conceivable.
from MEN

     for Kenny Goldsmith


A guy who's always been attracted to hairy men discovers the secret to becoming exactly what he's always admired. Ah, here comes Captain M'Nure and his merry men. All of this discussion of penises has made men more self-conscious, says Peter Lehman, a film professor at the University of Arizona and the author of Running Scared: Masculinity and the Representation of the Male Body. "A lot of women are attracted to powerful men," Doherty says. Although the penis may function perfectly well, many men desire enhancing their masculinity by penis lengthening surgery, penis girth augmentation or both. And this could involve anyone, from housewives, middle-aged men, to teenagers, they all are tempted to make the call. As Jesus was leaving her home, two blind men followed along behind, shouting, "O Son of King David, have mercy on us." Besides something as traumatic as war, what binds men together? "Blue balls" is a slang term for what men think will happen when they get very excited, have an erection, but don't ejaculate. BusinessWeek, in a recent article, reported that married men tend to earn 6-7% more than single men of the same age, education and experience. But between him and those grave and sober men, first bearded, then mustached, there was this difference, that his semen had never done harm to anyone. Did I mention that I also like older men? Do women harbor any attitudes of superiority over men? Every time there's a plane crash, it's 100 men dead . . . and I literally think, "Why couldn't some women have been on that flight?" For his pleasures, he cares for none but men; if however he sometimes deigns to employ women, it is only upon condition they be obliging enough to exchange sex with him. Gals really do pay more for things than men, says expert. Having seen Farrell's estimates on the rape of men in (U.S.) prisons, and the almost total lack of data on the subject, I've reprinted the text of an article from page 9 of the September 24 Sydney Morning Herald below. Here are some wacky facts about the "real men" in our society: Here you will find all the explicit Gay Men you could ever need, so come on inside because those explicit Gay Men won't wait round all day for you, but first read the terms and conditions, and if you agree then you get to see the explicit Gay Men! Here you will find all the explicit Naked Men you could ever need, so come on inside because those explicit Naked Men won't wait round all day for you, but first read the terms and conditions, and if you agree then you get to see the explicit Naked Men! How to Grow Your Hair Out for short-haired men interested in growing their hair long. I am a Chinese Singaporean looking for Caucasian men for friendship, love, LTR or maybe just a one night stand or pure safe fun sex. I am not entirely sure whether the two men are joking, but it seems somewhat unreal that the best thing that could happen to a person is Rice Krispies. I believe that rape will not end until men become part of the solution. I ended up thinking that she'd never liked men. If TV and drinking comprise the agenda, the men change from their dark, cowled sulking robes into gym shorts and flip-flops and undo their topknots, letting their long orange hair fall casually down their backs. If you are interested in giving the Real Men of Integrity email discussion group a try, here's how: I like tattoos and love long hair on men. I know that when they're having sex, most men have to think of something boring like baseball statistics to last as long as the woman does. In a study of college students, 35% of men indicated some likelihood that they would commit a violent rape of a woman who had fended off an advance if they were assured of getting away with it. I love the way that she relies on men to fulfill her sense of self worth. I think women are much tougher customers than men. "I'll prove it to you--give me some men and some ships." In heaven, there are two gates for married men: The gate for married men that say that they are the boss, and the gate for married men who admit that their wife is the boss. In other words, thanks to ultrasound, for these men the cancer was found in time to cure it. In other words, they focused on what individual violent men, other men, the institutions that socialized them, the society that bore them, shared, namely, masculine values. Iron John was controversial in that it encouraged men to separate from the often overweening influence of their mothers and other women and instead, find their essential masculinity through the company of other men. It became clear to me finally that many men don't have a clue to what women are thinking; and men, more often than not, do not understand the subtleties of women's behavior. It incorporates the generally poor health status of men in general and "real men" in particular. It is that extra flabby tissue that makes men appear to have developed breasts. It's been shown that small, dedicated groups of men can easily find ways of policing and disciplining those among them who cross the line. It's both funny and sad to see grown men reduced to infants at the sight of attractive women, but the Sexiest Women issue was good nonetheless. Logistic regression analyses showed that on average white men involved in interracial couples were more educated than white men who were coupled with white women, and intermarried white men tended to be relatively more educated than their partners across age groups. Los Angeles has been blessed with talented big men throughout its storied NBA history. Lurid sex-starved children advocate free sex with ancient men! Marie Stopes International (MSI) has always felt that men need to be included in reproductive health services, and innovative projects have been designed just for them. No matter how close a married couple are, men relate best to men, women get along best with other women. Oh no it's not a sport for old men. One thing I must point out is that men AND women are scum. On the one hand, of course, these young men are not all that different from other young people of America in the nineties. Patriarchal society exerts social and psychological control on men to deny qualities in themselves that would be seen as feminine and instead to project them onto women. Perhaps the most romantic American myth is "all men are created equal." Providing Christ-centered resources to encourage, equip and empower men in Nebraska and beyond toward godly spiritual leadership. Researchers interviewed 651 workers and discovered that both men and women employees feel that female bosses are "more supportive and caring than men." Sexual intercourse is a normal desire for most men and many women, but it isn't a "need." Sexually, women rise and decline more slowly than men. She thought that I was a prince among men, and a spendthrift beyond her imagining! (Sorry single moms but I think boys need men in their lives) The entire pro-sports sewer began because groups of men got together and played these games in parks, vacant lots, and gyms simply for the fun of it. The issues at the moment are, how many men is this really happening to? Therefore, this page is best suited for adult men and women. There is a myth I have heard that men with uncircumsized penises control their ejaculations much better. These two redneck sisters say they'll make their men feel like they're in heaven! The women gesture, look at each other, the men hesitate, look up and around at how large a crowd it is. This disparity exists despite the fact that short men can do nothing about their height. This exclusion creates an inequality that also disadvantages men by placing all responsibilities on them. This is what women should do versus what men should do. Though it appears women may be carriers, only men actually contract the dreaded illness. Thus, puberty, augments behavioral sex differences between young men and women. To prove their theory, the scientists fed 100 men 12 pints of beer and observed that 100% of them gained weight, talked excessively without making sense, became emotional, couldn't drive, couldn't think, and refused to apologize when wrong. Well, dancers on the whole are attracted to men who dress more stylishly. What do French maids wear to turn their men on? What do you think of the fact that men have gone to the moon and come back? What's the most effective birth control device for men? Why are women taken care of more than men? When reminiscing about weddings women talk about "the ceremony"; men talk about "the bachelor party." Where the hell do you get your awesome men? Women generally express their feelings more freely than men and thus send off constant signals concerning whether they're pleased or irritated, interested or uninterested, sexually turned on or turned off, and so on. Women have a better sense of smell than men do--and men are more sensitive to light than women. Women mature at a much faster rate than men. Women today and for that matter the younger men are lost, no where to look, just fumble through and maybe it will turn out right. You do not apply the same rules to men as you do to women. You don't need to sleep with all those men. You know, women are interesting cookies--as are men.

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