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A closer look at the work of contemporary artist/poets pushing the creative envelope with new and experimental visual/poetic/Web works. Look into these mindscapes...

First published as A&T 11/06/97 at Art & Technology, The Mining Company, New York. Copyright © 1997 by The Mining Company and Ted Warnell. All rights reserved.


1997 NOV 6

Private Loves/Public Opera

    "Pierce the fog and find a love story."
Private Loves/Public Opera
is an interactive hypertext work blending classical art with new and original prose and poetry. Texts are illustrated with new imagery inspired by key ideas from the stories and poems, illuminating both the page and texts. Result is a rich and expressive experience for visitors.

The texts are the heart of this work, and Beneath The Postrimaleas by Kimberley Edwards and The Probability of Love by Howard Levine, are especially engaging (to my taste). Virtually all of the works at this site are first-rate -- engaging, entertaining, and as carefully crafted as any classical masterpiece.

Original texts are provided by talented artists, authors, poets, and others from diverse disciplines, with concept and art direction for the project by new media artists Barbara Lee and Beverly Reiser.

    "A new hole will be tunneled in the fog for each new story."

Artists and writers --
you can participate in this project with your submission of quality stories. Deadline for entries is November 30, 1997, so you want to be quick!

Private Loves/Public Opera

Private Loves/Public Opera
is an original collaborative art and literary project by Barbara Lee and Beverly Reiser. Richly expressive, intricate, intimate, and immensely entertaining -- plan on spending a long afternoon to fully immerse yourself in this space.

Click Poetry
is an elegant and highly focused minimalist mindscape by minimalist artist, sculptor, and poet David Knoebel. Here is a precise mix of sight, sound, form, and lucid poetic expression...

Click Poetry


    "Through repetition, permutation, and careful placement on the page, the words develop a surprising physicality."
The above quote
is from the personal journal of artist and poet David Knoebel, sent to me by the artist for the purpose of writing this feature. David will recognize this quote and know that it does not directly relate to his latest Web work, Click Poetry, but I think (hope) he will agree the statement is still valuable in this context.

There is great clarity of concept and purpose in this artist's work, a powerful focus on a concept presented via masterfully minimal means (especially visual). A couple of words leading to a couple of words and single sound phrase... and if you're tuned -- it will hit you in an instant -- eye, ear, and mind engage fully to discover meaning and significance.

Mastering the demanding means of minimalist expression might be one of the most difficult challenges a contemporary artist will attempt, and David Knoebel is a contemporary artist who has met that challenge. We can share his triumph by visiting the Click Poetry Web site, but David is giving nothing away -- expect to be challenged...

    "I'm still learning how to say things in this language. As I explore the idea, the possibilities, which at first seemed so limited, increase."

Click Poetry

Richly expressive,
minimalist mindscape -- two very different, very unique, and very personal expressions by modern masters of the new media -- just two of a multitude of creative and poetic visions on the Web today. You'll learn about them here first... stay tuned.

    Image clips and quoted texts from the Web sites of the artists. Used by permission.
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