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Zn 99/11/12: Welcome to ZINEn --
a journal of new media experimental visual literary theory practice -- Art & Technology -- where the aesthetic and technical meet in new creative expression.



Zn Features
Feature articles from the Zn literature library

Final Entry,
Friday 12 November 1999

Zn 99/11/12: Welcome to ZINEn --
a journal of new media experimental visual literary theory practice -- Art & Technology -- where the aesthetic and technical meet in new creative expression.

Midsummer Dream Revisited
Zn 99/10/22: "Well I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun." - from After the Goldrush by Neil Young. News for Wr-Eye-Ters!

Bait & Switch
Zn 99/10/01: Another big player in the 'free' Web site hosting business decides to take an ethical low road in the name of good business.

Zn 99/09/03: Chicago artist Eduardo Kac creates an artist's gene -- a landmark transgenic work premiering at Ars Electronica '99 Festival of Art, Technology, and Society.

Web Theory
Zn 99/08/13: Web theory with Poem by Nari.

Midsummer Dream
Zn 99/07/30: "Well I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying in the yellow haze of the sun." - from After the Goldrush by Neil Young. News for Wr-Eye-Ters!

Power Gardening
Zn 99/06/11: Summer is here -- close enough -- and power gardening is the order of the day... according to Carol in Texas.

Gravitational Intrigue
Zn 99/05/28: This week -- The Little Magazine's Gravitational Intrigue: an anthology of emergent hypermedia is loosed on the world, along with a new call for works by new media artists.

Mapping Mice
Zn 99/05/14: Cyberspace, mapping, mice, positioning, pointing, artificial intelligence -- just some of many subjects explored by new media artist and researcher Nathaniel Bobbitt.

CyberMountain Colloquium
Zn 99/05/07: As we rely more and more on information systems and the World Wide Web, people who design these systems and people who produce content need to collaborate closely to ensure that we can all find the information we need.

I Only Have My Name?
Zn 99/04/30: What's behind names on the Internet? What's palpable of the personality behind the Internet identity? Who do you meet? An interactive project from Annie Abrahams, France.

Measured Reason
Zn 99/04/23: Time to call time-out in the tragedy that is war in Yugoslavia. Here is a document that has surfaced on the Web -- it is perhaps a voice of measured reason.

Creative Projects
Zn 99/04/09: News of online projects for the creative mind. Here are two announcements recently received at Zn -- worth looking into.

Weak Blood
Zn 99/04/02: An exhibition of global Web and Net art by artists and poets protesting war and violence.

Virtual Paradigm Shift
Zn 99/03/26: You might recall paradigm shift... corporate buzzwords from a few years ago that finally and thankfully fell into disuse. Virtual and virtuality -- used it seems to describe virtually everything on the Internet -- should be the next to go.

Bits and Pieces
Zn 99/03/19: "...i love poetry as much as the next person." (of course you do) and other stuff dragged in with the email this week... bits and pieces.

Electro Convulsive Therapy
Zn 99/03/12: After last week's Monica's Story... [ hey, not even one email of thanks for this ?!? ]... it is time at Zn to realign our thoughts to a cosmic oneness and higher awareness... universal truth and enlightenment with Poem by Nari...

Monica's Story
Zn 99/03/05: The news... in case you hadn't heard yet... is Monica's Story... Well, ok, so it's not all the news. You might be excused, though, for thinking it's all there is to think and talk about...

Zn 99/02/26: News from poet and publisher Peter Ganick regarding resurrection and relaunch of Potepoetzine and Potepoettext -- publications with a focus on experimental word works.

New Media Art
Zn 99/02/19: Cyberart... Web art... Are you having trouble sorting it all out? Relax, it's all new media art.

Zn 99/02/12: News from Norway! Here's the latest from new media publisher Ingwill Gjelsvik and TUGweb; a Web site, magazine, art project...

The Net Opera
Zn 99/02/05: It's an Italian opera with an international cast of performers on the Net... and you can participate! Read on...

AHA 101
Zn 99/01/29: Ladies and gentlemen, the irrepressible Janet Kuypers.

New Millennium Fever
Zn 99/01/15: Less than a year to go now to a one in fifteen generations event -- the start of a new millennium. What are new media artists doing to mark the event?

The TinkerNet
Zn 99/01/08: International Web art project by new media artists David Knoebel and Ted Warnell, plus Declaration of Cyberspace Independence by John Perry Barlow.

Best of Zn 1998
Zn 99/01/01: A look back at six features from 1998 that I (and Zn readers) consider to be best representative of the purpose and function of Zn. Enjoy...

The Mark
Zn 98/12/18: Off the mark. Near the mark. On the mark. Here is Zn thought and theory at the end of 1998. And, wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and all best in the new year.

Doing the Web in Style
Zn 98/12/11: Doing the Web in style is a matter of learning about the power and flexibility offered to us by some new technologies. Here are good sources for information on CSS, dHTML, and more.

Writer's Rights II
Zn 98/11/27: Posting an open letter to writers from Richard Curtis resulted in some good feedback from Zn regulars. Here is one, a short story, and some thoughts about copyrights in cyberspace.

Writer's Rights
Zn 98/11/20: This open letter to writers summarizes issues arising around contracts in the publishing industry. What to look (out) for...

Art Is...
Zn 98/11/13: New works for the Web by three innovative new media artists. Here are works to take you beyond the mechanics of medium and toward a real art of human expression.

We're Back, Robin
Zn 98/11/06: Same bat time. Same bat channel. New bat fast servers and Net connections at logicnet. And after a brief off-air episode... we're back, Robin, and return you now to regularly scheduled new media mayhem.

Drive-Thru Poetry
Zn 98/10/09: Here is a poetry installation for both real and cyberworld travelers. David Knoebel's new work Three Billboards gives new meaning to the term 'information highway'...

The Art of New Media
Zn 98/10/02: From a recent interview for a new media arts and theory publication, here are some thoughts about the art of new media.

We Interrupt this Program
Zn 98/09/25: We are experiencing temporary network difficulties and present the following pre-recorded material in place of our regularly scheduled program.

Mars, Huh?
Zn 98/09/18: With news sure to rock the world of higher learning, Zn uncovers truth about National University Instructor!

Canuck Connections
Zn 98/09/11: New media news and fun from the great white north at Zn this week... The Canadians are coming!

The New A&T
Zn 98/09/04: It's up and on and got a whole new direction (and a new color scheme -- not pink!)... the new Art & Technology site at Miningco looks like a winner.

Hypertext Competition
Zn 98/08/28: News from Alt-X publisher Mark Amerika. Here is an opportunity to participate in a hypertext competition sponsored by Nottingham Trent University, UK, and by Alt-X, USA.

God is Dead
Zn 98/08/07: A word from Italian artist and poet Rinaldo Rasa. Rasa's work commemorates the August 6th bombing of Hiroshima. And Zn? I'm still vacationing (of sorts) here in the Hat.

Zn 98/06/26: A word from the sponsor. Finest optics! See into the past! School is out. Fire up the Q. Enjoy the summer!

Free Stuff
Zn 98/06/05: Here are five Internet community sites offering free Web space -- from ten megabytes to unlimited storage for your online projects.

Dreaming for the Dead
Zn 98/05/15: The question... fat days in the northern hemisphere... marching boldly backwards into the future. Dreaming for the dead...

What's New? Media
Zn 98/05/08: Big question for Zn readers this week... what exactly is new in new media? The term is everywhere on the Web, but what does it really mean?

Random Acts
Zn 98/05/01: Random acts of senseless creativity... is the whole world having fun? Cool info and creative fun at Zn this week.

Late Breaking News
Zn 98/04/24: Received this past week, too late in the month to be included in the Zn Newsletter, here is late breaking news of participatory events for artists and writers.

Zn 98/04/17: Here are some great sources for ideas and research material on the Web -- some of my personal favorites. Of course, these sites and many others are documented in the Zn Web links library.

This Stuff is Fun!
Zn 98/04/10: Have I ever mentioned -- this stuff is fun! -- because if I've not said it before, then let the truth be known -- this stuff is fun!

Zn 98/04/03: Censorship on the Net is a troubling issue. Here is recent news from Italy via Spain -- a call into cyberspace for your help.

Zn 98/03/27: Cutting-edge audio and video works by multimedia artist Tina LaPorta. Enter into a magical place of time and space via these two installations for the Web.

Rhyme and Reason
Zn 98/03/20: Poetry. Rhyme, reason, something else -- perhaps an act? Here is a recent exchange of poetic frolic from Luigi Bob Drake's Wr-Eye-Tings visual poetry discussion list. The boys just wanna have fun...

Web Del Sol
Zn 98/03/13: Just one of the finest literary zines on the Web. From layout to literary content -- fine. Set the controls for the heart of the sun...

Zn 98/03/06: Zn looks in to the body, mind, and soul of enterprising Dutch artist Laurens van Rens. Here is one of the most thoroughly considered Web site concepts in cyberspace -- a real gem.

Experimedia Simplexity
Zn 98/02/27: a manifesto festering by visionary artist, poet, publisher Miekal And. This document from 1986 touches on ideas and goals new media practitioners continue to consider today. Read on...

Welcome to Zn!
Zn 98/02/20: First issue. Learn about how you can participate at Zn, discover what's here, and answer the burning question, what the heck is new media experimental visual literary theory practice?
A&T Features
Selected feature articles from Art & Technology

Digital Studies
A&T 01/22/98: A look at this landmark exhibition of new media art and theory from Mark Amerika and Alex Galloway.

Light & Dust Poets
A&T 01/15/98: An extensive and important collection of visual and experimental poetry at this New York site.

File Not Found 404
A&T 01/08/98: The world's first deconstructed Web site no longer available on the Internet. New media art.

Best of A&T 1997
A&T 01/01/98: Twelve of A&T's best features from 1997

A&T 12/25/97:            ...

ARTbytes Project
A&T 12/18/97: News of this exciting art project by contributing artist, and ARTbytes project organizer and curator Barbara Lee.

Whole Brain Atlas
A&T 12/11/97: Everything you ever wanted to know about the human brain... and then some. From the folks at Harvard Medical School.

An Organic Aesthetic
A&T 11/27/97: The Art of Kenneth A. Huff: a digital art, an organic aesthetic. Computer-generated works of fine art.

Into the Light
A&T 11/13/97: A spotlight on seven sites with a special something extra for A&T visitors.

A&T 11/06/97: Contemporary artist/poets pushing the creative envelope with new and experimental visual/poetic/Web works.

Poetic Expressions
A&T 10/30/97: Visual poetry: concrete, cyber, hyper, conceptual, picture, experimental... new poetic expressions.

In Other Words
A&T 10/19/97: Whatever Next! by Rita Summers.

In Other Words
A&T 10/16/97: Common Visions by Reiner Strasser.

Re:visiting Re:iner
A&T 10/16/97: A&T visits a delightful gallery of traditional plus new media works by artist Reiner Strasser.

In Other Words
A&T 10/11/97: Else's Bar by John Bourassa-Dutton.

Classic Rock Gallery
A&T 10/02/97: Rolling Stone photographer Robert Altman and the Classic Rock Gallery. Seventeen rooms of great memories at this extensive and entertaining site.

12hr ISBN-JPEG Project
A&T 09/25/97: A look at photographer and Web artist Brad Brace's ambitious 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project.

Experimental Art
A&T 09/18/97: The experimental art and music of Rolf Langebartels, Berlin. Kinetic and audio sculpture, animation, and more.

Dynamic HTML
A&T 09/11/97: New versions of the Web's two most popular browsers are about to hit your desktop -- and change forever the way you experience cyberspace.

A&T 09/04/97: Genuine entertainment + service = sales. Two savvy entrepreneurs with innovative, unique ways to market their creative products and services on the Web.

Close Encounters
A&T 08/28/97: A&T looks in on artist Francis Wittenberger's high-tech art installation for both real space and cyberspace.

Creative Aerobics
A&T 08/21/97: Creativity, bathrooms, and a Fluxus connection. A&T presents the world-class work of Dr. Allen Bukoff.

Right Brainers
A&T 08/14/97: The act of combining and recombining things in new and unusual ways -- seeing things in ways that are new to us -- is a tried-and-true method to enhanced creativity. And fun!

A&T 08/07/97: A Web site that reminds us art on the Web is not always about the medium. An installation as remarkable for what the artist has judiciously left out as it is for what is included...

A&T 07/31/97: Not a new world order, exactly, but for those of you who have not yet calibrated your monitor for standardized grayscale viewing... here is the A&T New World Grayscale Calibrator!

Web Artist 2/2
A&T 07/24/97: By contributing writer Jim Andrews. In the second of his two part feature, Jim takes us into the big world of fine and commercial art on the Web.

Web Artist 1/2
A&T 07/17/97: Musings on the term 'Web artist' by contributing writer Jim Andrews. In the first of two parts, Jim shares his thoughts on the Web, the page, futurism, and responsibility.

Webbed Feats
A&T 07/10/97: News of an exciting high-tech art performance on and off the Web. Artists, poets, writers, musicians... your participation is invited and welcomed.

A&T 07/03/97: An art 'newspaper' specializing in news of old masters (and more), and an art gallery specializing in great works by new masters. Old and new traditions.

Behind the Art
A&T 06/26/97: Technical aspects of digital art and image making. Information for novice and seasoned digital artists. Scanners and scanning, expert legal information.

More Net Finds
A&T 06/19/97: Web sites A&T visitors think are great. Sent by friends of A&T, new plus regular visitors to Art & Technology.

Dance and Design
A&T 06/12/97: The art of dance and technology of the Web converge in extraordinary elegance at this entertaining, informative, and very beautiful Web site in New York City. Real downtown design.

Net Thinking
A&T 06/05/97: Mail art at A&T. An introduction to the international network of mail artists and their unique art.

Just Your Type
A&T 05/29/97: If typeface choices are important to you, and to the look and feel of your project, here are some free fonts from a respected source.

Little Jewels
A&T 05/22/97: Little jewels of light and vision from the mind of artist and poet Jim Andrews.

Two Heads
A&T 05/15/97: This feature details some of my goals and direction for the Art & Technology Web site.

A Hypertext Journal
A&T 05/08/97: Internet-based travelogue. An experiment in art, communication, and interactivity.

French Connection
A&T 05/01/97: A Web site in France where both French and the universal language of creative expression are spoken.

Animation Plus!
A&T 04/24/97: Belt up the binary-retinal-maximizers! Enter the fantastic world of the Greenfields Ship.

Java Art
A&T 04/17/97: Real time online painting and some savvy Java programming at this innovative and interesting Italian Web site.

Random Ideas
A&T 04/10/97: Art = randomize(idea) -- two artists with a new take on the idea of random art.

Art and Science
A&T 04/03/97: Artists and scientists share a common interest in the unknown -- a penchant for creative exploration and discovery.

A New Approach
A&T 03/27/97: A growing number of artists are coming to view cyberspace as an ideal means for sharing and engaging creativity.

A&T 03/20/97: A recent art form growing in popularity with the Web itself, and, an open invitation to all creative individuals.

Visual Poetry
A&T 03/13/97: Concrete and visual poetry works on the Web -- an ideal medium for this beautiful and somewhat unusual art/literary genre.

Web Programming
A&T 03/06/97: A technical art; artists exploring creative programming for the Web -- with wonderful and wacky results.

Art & Technology
A&T 02/27/97: Where the aesthetic and technical meet in new creative expression, and welcome to A&T.

Web Site Web Art
A&T 02/20/97: A considered approach -- two Web sites that might qualify as works of art in their own right.
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