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New media Web links at Zn

Art galleries exhibiting works by one or more artists -- with a spotlight on:

Artists, scientists, authors, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the arts and sciences. USA



Absolut Vodka Gallery
World-class animation and art by leading contemporary artists. Always something cool to see at this site! Sweden

Affairs of the Art
A beautiful Web site art gallery featuring first rate visual artists and their works. Canada
A&T 07/03/97

Archer Gallery
An online gallery of contemporary art, mainly paintings, graphics, and sculptures by contemporary Indian artists. India

Arizona State University Art Museum
Special exhibits at this museum of modern art. Innovative, multimedia installation works and more. USA

a Room without Walls
Original works of art and literature by Zn editor Ted Warnell, and very special guest artists, poets, and writers. Canada

Art Crimes
An extensive collection of graffiti art works from around the world. The gallery provides virtual walls for this unusual art form. USA

@art Gallery
A beautiful online gallery affiliated with the School of Art and Design, UIUC. Curated by faculty members Nan Goggin and Joseph Squier. USA

Artists at Dotcom
Online art gallery of new media works. Art and technology news and interviews with contemporary artists. USA

Art on the Edge
Artists, scientists, authors, and art enthusiasts who explore the intersection of the arts and sciences. USA

ArtNet Galleries
Gallery exhibiting works by several contemporary artists from Hungary, Slovakia, Finland. Hungary

(Art)n Laboratory's PHSCologram Galleries
A gallery of PHSCologram works. Striking, vivid visuals with application for art, science, medicine, and commerce. Interesting. USA

Established as a non-profit gallery of changing exhibitions of contemporary art, the online site features information and exciting exhibitions of art and technology. Australia

Silicon Valley Institute of Art and Technology. A gallery with a focus on high-tech art utilizing computer technologies, electronics, and optics. USA

Beyond Interface
An exhibition composed entirely of Internet-based art works. This exhibit is among the first professionally curated surveys of Internet art. USA

Black & White Artzone
A Web site dedicated to showcasing (primarily) black and white photography. Works by Elias Eliadis and friends. Greece

Brazil Online Arts
Beautiful and striking images by several Brazilian photographers. Brazil

Camera Obscura School of Art
An exhibition of new media animation and photography works by the graduates of 1997. Israel

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
A Web site gallery of photos, information, and history authorized by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Good information, nice layout. USA

Cobra Lounge
Artists, dancers, musicians, designers... and a three-ring circus of creative explorations. This might be the strangest place in cyberspace! USA

Computer Art
A digital art gallery specializing in computer generated art. Information about raytracing, too. Germany

Cubism Gallery Asada
Gallery specializing in European Cubist artists. Good information about Cubism at this site. Japan

Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven
Exhibition of contemporary works by talented emerging artists. Netherlands

Demanding the Impossible
Demanding the Impossible is a mail art exhibition taking place at the Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin in June 1998 and aims to explore the relationship between art, anarchy and protest. Ireland

Degrees Feet Inches is a curated space for Internet specific artworks. From Pauline van Mourik Broekman. UK

Dhalgren Gallery
Gallery of contemporary art. Exhibitions of contemporary visual and Web arts. Very tasty, indeed. France

Electronic Museum of Mail Art
As the name implies, this is a site about mail art. Good information about this popular art form. USA

A tour de force high-tech art gallery Web site by artist Gary Zebington. Australia
A&T 02/27/97

Galeria Non+Ultra
High-tech arts and literature by several artists in the galleries of this interesting and intelligent Web site. Germany

An online music, art, and literature museum. IAMfree showcases new media art in the categories sound, vision, and words. USA

Intima Ljubljana
Slovenian art gallery. Plus information on arts performance, projects, conferences, and exhibitions are featured at this site. Slovenia

Arts organization that develops new strategies with visual artists for different contexts and across formats. UK

LOT art.investigation
A gallery of unique art, science, and philosophy for the Web. All high level works and presentation. Austria

Machine Made of Words
Gallery featuring visual literature, concrete poetry, hypertext and intermedia. Technology for more than it's own sake... USA

Mail Art Luxembourg
Extensive and impressive Web site specializing in information about international mail art projects. Works by several artists in the many galleries at this site. Luxembourg

Mail Art Work of the Week
From Ruud Janssen, mail artist, publisher, founder of the IUOMA and TAM Rubber Stamp Archive... a page of mail art from around the globe, and updated weekly! Netherlands

National Gallery of Canada
The National Gallery of Canada located in the nation's capital, Ottawa. Truly great art and lots of good information. Canada

No Copyright
Exposición virtual de expresión visual: Convocatoria de mail y email-art. Spanish only. Spain

PdN Online Gallery
Photo District News online photo galleries and archives of digital masters, legends, design, and more. Great photography! USA

Portraits in Cyberspace
Virtual art exhibition at MIT Media Labs. Documentary portraits of people in the virtual world to experimental depictions of online society. USA

Postmasters Gallery
The gallery presents a variety of projects created for new media. The latest digitally-based art and experimental design. Unusual and very beautiful, minimalist site design. USA

Public Netbase
Institute for New Culture Technologies features a number of new media art and technology projects. Good! Austria

Rattlebox Studio
Several galleries at this site including artist/host Tim Sullivan's innovative HTML sculpture. USA
A&T 03/20/97

RGB Gallery
Hot. Cool. Always something wacky and wonderful in this great Web art gallery at HotWired. USA

Sandra Gering Gallery
Exhibitions of both emerging and established international artists with a focus conceptual works, technology, and innovative materials. USA

SibArtNet Gallery
New and traditional arts by Ivan Kulakov and friends at one of Siberia's largest Web site art galleries. Siberia

SJL Images Gallery
Featuring the special process photography of Stephen Jay Lunsford and art works by invited guests. USA

Online studio and gallery of new media explorations by artist Tatsuya Sasaki. Photoshop filters, Java, more. Interesting works. Look in! Japan

The Gallery at COAST
The Center Of Art, Science, and Technology. An exhibition of high-tech works employing a variety of media. Denmark

The Larry Carlson Digital Art Gallery
Several galleries of very colorful and most imaginative art work by New York artist Larry Carlson. Good. USA

The Lounge
A gallery of traditional and new media fine arts, plus discussion boards for artists and writers, links, and a monthly Award of Merit. Nice presentation by artist Kelly Darke. USA

The Massurrealist Society Gallery
Surrealism with a mass-media connection. There are a number of unique and interesting works exhibited here. USA

The Process
The Process is a virtual college. An arts forum. A multimedia workshop. An experiment with new media. UK

The Works
Online art gallery by Jeffrey Kurland with a focus on art in the digital age. Also, good information about and for New York artists. USA

Tokyo Q Sketchbook Gallery
A colorful sketchbook gallery by Jason Atomic at Tokyo Q, online zine covering the city, arts, books, cafes, and culture. Japan

New media gallery of art works that explore the specific characteristics of the Web as a medium, and make use of online technologies. USA

An archaeological discovery in southern France of caves decorated with paintings and engravings dating from the Paleolithic age. France

Virtual Art Gallery
Le stanze della pittura Giuseppe Celi. A virtual art gallery of paintings by artist Giuseppe Celi. Italian only. Italy
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