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New media Web links at Zn

Creative and fun, interactive and participatory events -- with a spotlight on:

A thoughtful, intelligent, and very beautiful hypertext installation from Alt-X editor Mark Amerika. Great reading! USA



A long-term Web project. Photographer and Web artist Brad Brace's ambitious 12hr ISBN-JPEG Project. USA
A&T 09/25/97

7 Sins of Love
New Web art/installation by artist Päivi Hintsanen. Nice work. Finland

abandoned car
A creative collaboration. Photography and creative writing at this marvelous Web site. New Zealand
A&T 02/20/97

Abyssmo from Asz
Abyssmo is a fragment of the work Asz, and the first module to be published. A powerful and very beautiful installation for the Web by poet Fabio Doctorovich. Argentina

Action Reseaux Numeriques
This highly interactive and thoroughly new media Web site includes creative use of just about every Web capability. Excellent! France

All About Me
Just about everything you do not want to know about my life. To learn nothing more, just click on this link. Canada

Anachron City
A virtual world. Artists working with 3D modeling software are invited to participate. UK

AnfyPaint Virtual Art Gallery
An interactive virtual art gallery. You can create a painting online for exhibition in AnfyPaint gallery. Java enabled. Italy
A&T 04/17/97

New works of contemporary digital art (sound, visual, literature, and new media). From artist Barbara Lee. USA
A&T 12/18/97

Art is Sexy
Intriguing, graphic installation work. A popular poietic playground for surreal existential postmodern digital literati, the innocent perfume of arythmic ecstasies... USA

This work investigates the omnipotence and omnipresence of the Internet and a cyber/human interface. Excellent! Notice: site contents include nudity. Netherlands
Zn 98/03/06
Borjo is a labyrinth of interconnected ideas and topics about the world we are living in and the future of mankind as we get closer to the end of the millennium. The interface is the message of communication. USA

Brain Theme Park
We sell: brain clothing, images, candles, jelly molds, lighters, growing brains, moving brains, funny brains, hats, t-shirts... from the lunch bunch at UK

BRNR is a collection of graphic explorations, HTML experiments, design/pop-culture commentary, games, nonsense, etc. USA

An imaginative Web cartoon! Shockwave animated visual and audio, fully interactive. Nice artwork and a lot of fun to visit. USA

Capturing Shadowtalk
A novel in progress by writer and poet Chris Bell. New installments added every two weeks. Canada
A&T 03/27/97

CCS currently hangs off the precipice of the rocky mountains in Banff. Rad io and radio via real audio. Participate! Canada

The first and largest reproductive cloning provider on the Web. Cloning news and information, and lots of fun. USA

Collective Memory Palace
These artists are building a collective memory on the Web. A creative collaboration. USA

Concepts +
A multi-disciplinary partnership for concept, design, and production of electronic, as well as traditional media. Netherlands

A movie without actors. Graphic designer Josh Feldman explores a new form of visual and poetic story telling. USA

Critical Art Ensemble
Collective of five artists exploring the intersections between art, technology, radical politics, and critical theory. USA

An experimental Web work from California. The HTML knowledge behind this work is noteworthy. Bring your sunglasses. USA

Digital Studies
Being in cyberspace -- a landmark exhibition of new media art and theory from Mark Amerika and Alex Galloway. USA
A&T 01/22/98

Dimos Dimitriou
A unique and most unusual use of Web browser technology, creating a Net-wide multi-site collage of images and ideas -- "by actions we embody the space"... Greece

Disembodied Mind
Real space and cyberspace installation works from the Electronic Art Media Centre in Toronto. Several artists exhibiting. Canada

Dislocation of Intimacy
A telerobotic installation by Ken Goldberg and Bob Farzin -- a black box, wireless modem, motors, lights, fans, and an electronic camera. Based in the ALPHA Lab at UC Berkeley. USA

Dragon's Springs
Collective of creative visual and literary artists exploring subjects new media. Opportunity to participate, too. Russia

Artist James Roven investigates modern communications and technology, and how they are changing us. Straight ahead site design with some beautiful and evocative video and sound works. USA

Innovative and interesting Web works by participants in the Electronic Visual Arts Journal. Canada

Every Icon
Here's a handy bit of programming fun for the new media fan. John Simon's Every Icon displays all possible combinations of a 32x32 pixel square right on your Web browser... Canada

Face Saver
A unique art installation/animation on the Web. Fun to see this. USA

File Not Found 404
An on-going art and theory project for both the Web and real space exhibition. By new media artist T.S. Thomas. Great concept! Canada
A&T 01/08/98

A biceptual poem/new media installation at Light & Dust Poets from artist and poet Christy Sheffield Sanford. USA

Fractal Cow
Laverne: the fractal cow experiment. Interactive Web art and poetry. Philippines
A&T 03/06/97

Fun with Fluids
Digital artworks centered on organic/inorganic body metaphors, fluids, memory, and imaging. Conceptual and activity based art works for the Web. Australia

Garcia Fonts & Co.
An open project by typography activists Andreu Balius and Joan Carles p. Cassasín. This beautiful site provides a showcase for experimental typeface design. Spain

Gemini Project
An experiment in Web design by designer and graphic artist Fischer West. Unusual presentation and beautiful imagery. Australia

A transgenic, interactive installation work by media artist Eduardo Kac. Remote audiences are encouraged to participate in this live, biotechnological artwork. USA

A thoughtful, intelligent, and very beautiful hypertext installation from Alt-X editor Mark Amerika. Great reading! USA

Heath Bunting
Experimental new media art and exploration on bare metal with artist and Web wizard Heath Bunting. Good stuff. Unusual. UK

Hygrid at SITO
An ongoing, growing, collaborative and participatory project. The Hygrid Project at the extensive SITO site. You can participate! USA

HyperMedia Research Centre
Artists, artisans, writers, academics, designers, and others exploring hypermedia as art. From Westminster University, London. UK

A site dedicated to the exploration of creative form. Images and texts by artist Eric Boutilier-Brown and poet Joy Fairbrother. USA

A discussion of music, subversion, and related things in the greater Toronto area. Indy/experimental music and electronic mailing list. Canada

Industrias Mikuerpo
Aesthetic Action: our purpose is create a widespread conscience of social intervention in the representations that shape the informative and cultural environment. Spain

Informatrix sets up a situation in which certain personal preferences can be revealed to a participant through visual dialog, with successful sessions recorded as an online repository. USA

International Shadows Project
An ongoing grass roots condemnation of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear energy, through an alliance of arts, particularly mail art and performance. USA

Internet Postcards
Free service allows you to create and send customized postcards to friends on the Net. USA

Is the Shroud of Turin a Painting?
An in depth study that examines the Shroud from an artist's perspective. Fascinating scientific paper by artist and theoretical physicist Isabel Piczek at The Shroud of Turin Web site. USA

This is the new media site on the Web everyone is talking about. Linking is not only obligatory, but wise. Excellent. Netherlands

Experimental hypertexts: spidertangle wordround, an online interwriting workshop open to new collaborators, and Literature Nation, interwriting by Miekal And and Maria Damon. USA
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Welcome to KISSTHISGUY.COM, the only domain named after the world's most commonly misheard lyric (thanks, Jimi!). A fun site from Scot Hacker. USA

Light on the Net Project
Real-time, interactive art/technology installation. You can turn on or off lights in real space via your Web browser. Live video feedback. Neat. Japan

MacLaren Against the Grain
The Fafard Field Project: a plowed and planted work of art in a farm field. Canada's largest environmental art project. Canada

Magic Camera
Take a picture of yourself using light from your own monitor and the latest in high zoot Web imaging technology! A fun site. USA

Interactive multimedia art and text. Nice design. Lots of animation, bring a fast connection. USA
A&T 04/24/97

A place to explore multimedia user interfaces for experimental Web environments. Here you can explore metaphorical environments which use real world analogies to facilitate unconventional Web communications. USA

Moscow WWWArt Centre
Online since 1994, the centre presents a diverse collection of experimental art and Web works by international artists. Russia

Moving Art Studio
Non-profit organization based in Brussels. Features new media art for both real and cyberspace exhibition. Home to the Institute of Media Diseases. Belgium

The Making of Myths: on-going, online art book. Photography by Suza Scalora with stories contributed by site visitors for a planned print book and CD-ROM. USA

New Web art installation by Jim Andrews. Nio is interactive music, a visual and sound poem, suggestive of a new form of music/multimedia. Excellent. Canada

A unique, multimedia art and sound installation by artist and sculptor Jake Tilson. UK

Official History of
Volume one of what will be (presumably) a series of works exploring new media Net art. In this volume, a humorous history of signs at airports. Austria

Périclès Museum
Interactive multimedia Web site. Art installation and gallery. High bandwidth, but fun to see. France
A&T 05/01/97

Web site/installation/gallery. An excellent exploration of art and technology by New York artist Sean Eno. USA
A&T 03/06/97

Pictures to Listen
Shockwave audio/visual compositions by Italian composer Sergio Maltagliati. Experimental programme of work in composition where the score is always a picture. Italy

Potatoland Digital Landfill
Digital Landfill ( is an innovative new service from that gives web surfers and designers a place to dispose of their digital debris. USA

POW Campsite
International anti-war art project initiated by artists from Beograd. Highly graphic. Project is open to participation by all artists. Serbia

A delightful Shockwave work for the Web from Neil Zusman, with contributions of individual artists. USA

Razorfish: typoGRAPHIC
Typography, graphics, design. A portfolio of works by the creative staff of New York's Razorfish. Inspiring! USA
A&T 07/24/97

New Web installation by Australian experimental artist and programmer Gary Zebington. Edge of the envelope and highly experimental. Australia

Schwa Corporation
Post-modern sci-fi art mystery site explores new dimensions in Web site design... and a whole bunch of fun. USA

Screen Cleaning
Free Web-based screen cleaning service by artist Olia Lialina. "if you want me to clean your screen scroll up and down"... Russia

Some 3D Pictures
Some 3D pictures encoded in random patterns. I still can't see them, but lots of people can. Austria

Every day one stroke... lithography and visual poetry with strokes provided by Lino Gunz. A collection of animated visual poetry. A long term project. Switzerland

A group of Toronto-based artists committed to the collective process. First-rate works by a number of artists at this site. Canada
Adam. Alx. Anna. Argus. Linda. Mike. Taylor. Experimental Web design and works, art and poetry. See this! USA

Techno-Impressionist Museum
The West entrance to the Museum is on Fifth Avenue in New York. The East entrance is on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. An entire art movement on a Web site. Excellent! USA

Teleporting An Unknown State
New Web version of this interactive installation work by Eduardo Kac. Participants send light via the Web to a seed planted in the Multimedia Center Kibla Art Gallery. Slovenia

Textbase is based in Melbourne and is part of an ongoing project that aims to investigate a series of questions surrounding the role of text and the writer in the gallery. Australia

The 6168 Project
A creative collaboration. On-going project of art and literary works developed especially for the Web. Great design. Canada

The Fluxus Indian Museum
Highly entertaining and enjoyable work of creative Fluxism. Information about the Fluxus art movement and links to Fluxus sites elsewhere on the Web. Home of FLUXLIST and Fluxus Bulletin Board. USA
A&T 08/21/97

The Internet and Everyone
New published work by John Chris Jones includes letters and attachments, The Phone, and more. Literary and poetic text works for new media. Engaging. Wales

The Net Opera
Italian opera with an international cast on the Net. You are invited to contribute images and sound to performances to be held online and in real space. Italy

The Project
Spent sentences from the Internet are collected and sorted into different categories. A project by artist G.B.Steijn. Austria

The Random Collage Generator
Collage art works generated from randomly selected image files in a large data base. Never the same twice. USA
A&T 04/10/97

The Surrealism Server
Surrealist art, literature, music. The Surrealism Server serves itself and no other. Last modified February 31st, 1906. USA

The Undercover Girl
International art project comprising Web site, magazine, and exhibition. An "openly secret service" looking for agents. Norway

(the unwar {z}one)
Artist Miekal And's Unwar Manifesto (1988) and Unwar World (1999) -- a potent visual statement against war and violence in Shockwave Flash and animated GIF versions. USA

Enterprising online performance art from M. River & T. Whid Art Associates. Remember the good time! USA

International Web art project by new media artists David Knoebel and Ted Warnell. The goal of the project is to create a linked body of works by as many participants as possible. USA

A beautiful audio/video installation work by new media/multimedia artist Tina LaPorta, 1997 Artist-in-Residence at Ars Electronica. Austria
Zn 98/03/27

Universal Companionship Organization
UCO is a group of artists exploring issues of art, philosophy, science, and technology in real space and cyberspace installations. Israel
A&T 08/28/97

Virtual Memory Archive
Online, interactive installation work for the Web by media artist Jens Geelhar. The archive stores your memories. Germany

Visual Clear Zone
Vision, attenuated aiming, artificial intelligence, overlays, and more fascinating experimental work at this Web site by artist and new media researcher Nathaniel Bobbitt. USA

Visual Dialogue
Visual opera by Web artists and designers Michele Chiapperino and Raffaele De Sandro Salvati. Italian only. Italy

Weak Blood
Exhibition of global Web and Net art by artists and poets protesting war and violence. The Weak Blood project is co-authored by Valéry Grancher, France, and Reiner Strasser, Germany

Webbed Feats
A non-profit organization of artists presenting exciting and unique site-specific performances developed with the participation of the World Wide Web audience. USA
A&T 07/10/97

Why is the Mona Lisa Smiling?
A fabulous and fun Web site investigating the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile. By the students of JFK High School, New York. USA

Poem by Nari does Windows with contributions from Microsoft, US President Bill Clinton, The New York Times, The Vatican, and artists and poets from across the globe. Canada
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