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Creative writers, poets, and resources on the Web -- with a spotlight on:

Fiction and travel writing by John Y.N. Cho. Vivid and lucid prose and poetry. Great reading. Puerto Rico



Acronym and Abbreviation List
Acronyms and abbreviations -- need to know what they mean? This is the place to find out. UK

A Hypertext Journal: Diaries
An Internet-based travelogue. A creative and thoroughly enjoyable experiment in art, communication, and interactivity. UK
A&T 05/08/97

A Mnemography
Intelligent and eloquent hypertext by Richard Smyth. Explores theory and practice of writing and composing in electronic media. USA

Original, experimental art and word works at Grist Online. Poet and writer Thomas Lowe Taylor and friends. USA

Arjuna Krishna-Das
Technical writing plus creative poetry and prose, and information about Lord Krishna. Interesting site. UK

Ayn Rand Institute
Information about this influential author, the Ayn Rand Institute, and a philosophy called Objectivism. USA

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
A helpful reference for writers from Columbia University. USA

Basic Prose Style and Mechanics
This pamphlet is designed to introduce you to, or remind you of, the basic principles of prose style and mechanics. From Craig Waddell, Rensselaer Writing Center. Excellent! USA

Cliff Pickover
The Wishing Project cataloging wishes from various cultures, computer art, educational puzzles, fractals, virtual caverns, JAVA/VRML, alien creatures, black holes, animations... USA

From poet/publisher Bob Grumman. Poetry terminology plus biographies of poets, especially first-rate poets without bios in establishment who's who's. USA

Diane DiPrima Interview
From artist and writer Joseph Matheny, a very personal, insightful, and interesting interview with San Francisco poet Diane DiPrima. Good reading! USA

Dictionary of Data Communications Terms
Technical writers especially will appreciate this helpful resource. USA

Dictionary of Literary Terms
An alphabetical listing of literary terms on three pages. From English teacher Joel Littauer, Bell High School, Los Angeles. USA

Dreams from Oz
Web site from artist and poet Barbara Hryniewicz. Flash-enhanced sight, sound, and words portray an internal landscape. Nicely done. USA

George Orwell Page
Brief biographical information and lots of writings, especially political essays and columns, by this well-known author. Page maintained by Patrick Farley. USA

Grammar and Style Notes
These notes are a miscellany of grammatical rules and explanations, comments on style, and suggestions on usage. By Jack Lynch. USA

Janet Kuypers
From the prolific pen of publisher and poet Janet Kuypers, Children, Churches, and Daddies -- the unreligious, non-family-oriented literary and art magazine. USA

John Y.N. Cho
Fiction and travel writing by John Y.N. Cho. Vivid and lucid prose and poetry. Great reading. Puerto Rico

Joseph Zitt
Interesting and entertaining Web pages of writer, poet, programmer, musician -- "all-around interesting guy" Joseph Zitt. USA

Leonard Cohen
Remote human possibility. Official Web site for this important contemporary poet and songwriter includes discography and sound samples. Good. Canada

Lynda Lester
Articles on high-performance computing by writer, editor, Web site and multimedia designer Lynda Lester, National Center for Atmospheric Research. USA

Monday Morning Briefs
True accounts of real people. Urban observations by Los Angeles writer Diana Stoneberg. USA

Link to MNMLST POETRY: Unacclaimed but Flourishing at Light & Dust Poets by poet Bob Grumman. Good reading! USA

A small zine with big content. This inviting site showcases poetry and essays by a large number of talented writers. Jen Worden, editor. Canada

Poetry for Senior Citizens
A great site for folks who enjoy old fashioned poetry that rhymes. Creative, stimulating, fun. Share a poem with others. USA

Private Loves/Public Opera
An original collaborative art and literary project by Barbara Lee and Beverly Reiser. A richly expressive experience on the Web. USA
A&T 11/06/97

Project X 1497-1999
An ongoing poetry-multimedia installation by Toronto-based writer, publisher, and designer Damian Lopes. Regularly expanded and updated. Canada

Prose & Contexts
Site of a number of micro-presses specializing in all manner of new poetry and prose. From writer, editor, and designer Damian Lopes. Canada

Roget's Thesaurus
Online search form. Find precisely the right word courtesy of Roget and the University of Chicago. USA

Look in on some exceptionally fine prose by Canadian writer John Bourassa-Dutton. Stories and plays. Canada

Snakes and Songs
Images that illustrate text versus images that flow in the stream of order. An impressive visual/literary fusion from artist and writer Christy Sheffield Sanford. USA

The personal Web site of writer and poet Rita Summers. Fine literary works. Australia

Steven Duplij: Literary Site
Ukraine physicist and poet. Poetry and prose in four languages. Fascinating. Germany

The AlienFlower Poetry Workshop
Where poetry lovers practice poetry. An Internet site that accepts weekly submissions for independent review and critique. USA

The Astrophysicist's Tango Partner Speaks
Poetry site showcasing the talent of a large number of international poets. Maintained with care by poet and Web spinner Jennifer Ley. Frequent updates. USA

The Elements of Style
The one and only by William Strunk, Jr. An online edition of this indispensable resource for writers. USA

The Transcendental Hotel
A large Web site featuring works of dissident Irish artist and poet Anthony Weir. UK

Tilman Baumgaertel
Home page of freelance writer and artist Tilman Baumgaertel. Articles covering, net.politics, film, plus links to new media sites on the Web. German and English. Germany

Victor Grauer
Thoughtful and entertaining articles, essays, and visual literature and poetry from this creative writer and music instructor. USA

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
The University of Chicago hosts this handy online reference. USA

Will-Harris House
Design, writing, typography and more from writer, reviewer, and Web designer (guru) Daniel Will-Harris. Excellent! Look in! USA

William Blake Page
Biographical information, texts, and illustrations of this master artist and poet. Page maintained by artist and illustrator Gail Gastfield. USA

William S. Burroughs Page
Biographical information and more. Beat poet and writer William S. Burroughs. Page maintained by Dan Levy. USA

Writers Write
Everything for aspiring and professional writers at this superb online reference and resource. USA

A Web site featuring new media and digital literature and art reviews by industry insiders and practitioners. Excellent! USA

Entertaining essays, art work, and ideas from the fertile mind of artist and writer Paul Fillingham. UK
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