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Information and resources for artists and creative types -- with a spotlight on:

Selected articles from the print newsletter reporting on the use of interactive media and technology in arts and education. A monthly publication from Hyperactive Corporation, New York. USA



AltaVista Translation
Online translation service for plain text and Web site URLs. Translate from English to other major languages and back. USA

Ars Electronica
The Center is a museum of the future, a 'knowledge machine' whose mission is to help visitors attain that degree of 'fitness' in relation to new digital media which is essential in today's information-based society. Austria

Art Business Exchange
Global art business news and feature articles. Call for entries, announcements, news, and much more. An excellent resource from editor and publisher Heather Fraser. Canada

An interdisciplinary group concerned with the integration of computer technology, communication, and design, and with the intention to promote co-operation between science, design, and education. Germany

Art Daily News
The Internet's first art newspaper. Current news and events from major art galleries, museums, and institutions worldwide. USA
A&T 07/03/97

Art Deadlines List
A list of competitions, contests, call for entries/papers in the arts and related areas. USA

Artes e Historia
An extensive resource site exhibiting all Mexican arts and culture; visual, literary, cinema, performance. Mexico

This service gives Production Managers the right tools to conveniently and directly find all the creative resources they need! Free to artists. USA

Artist Resource
Art events, classes, studios, walls, calls, marketplace, classifieds, news and opinion, jobs, advice and forums, stories, letters, and more at this extensive site. Focus on San Francisco Bay area. USA

ArtLab functions as a laboratory that aims to pioneer new artistic realms through the integration of science and art. Japan

Artomz Search Engine
Free search engine you can use to let your visitors search your site. Simple setup. Configurable. Fast. As used at Zn. Excellent! USA

Art Q&A Pages
Artist's reference. Questions and answers on color, paints, painting, drawing, printmaking, and more. Also color theory, mixing, and pigments. USA

Art & Technology
The birthplace of Zn. Art & Technology site at The Mining Company, New York, currently guided by Sharon Silvia. USA

Everything you ever wanted to know about ASCII art: who, what, how, plus newsgroups and links at Allen Mullen's ASCII Web site. USA

Beat SuperNova
An extensive listing of Beat Generation writers, painters, and performers. Maintained by poet Rinaldo Rasa. Italy

Burn All GIFs
A project of the League for Programming Freedom. Here you will learn more about GIFs, patented LZW technology, and open source alternatives proposed for the Web. USA

A public, non-profit forum for debate, and a laboratory for exploration and innovation regarding communication, culture, and the open society. Hungary

CA Business & Career
Communication Arts Magazine. Online version for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, etc. USA
A&T 06/26/97

Computers in Art, Design, Research, Education -- interdisciplinary university research association dedicated to experimental applications of new media technology. USA

Cartoons by Gaspirtz
Fun in the cyberstream by cartoonist Oliver Gaspirtz. A new toon is published every week. You can link to Oliver's latest with code provided by the artist. USA

Centro de Estudos de Texto Informatico e Ciberliteratura. Good links to visual, concrete, and experimental literature on the Web. Portugese only. Portugal

A non-profit association exploring intermedia art, experimental music, performance, visual and literary arts. Spanish text. Spain

A 3-dimensional model by which one can understand and teach digital color theory. Good introduction to color by Ken Davies. USA

Color Theory
Good information on color and light theory, and photochemical processes. Basic to the scientific. By photographer Jim Scruggs. USA

Colour Physics FAQ
This FAQ concerns the measurement and control of colored surfaces such as plastics, textiles, surface coatings, etc. It is intended for practitioners rather than theoreticians. UK

Want a new email signature file? Something fun? Coolsig is the biggest signature collection on the Internet! A fun site. USA

Consciousness Reframed
Essays and papers from the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the Interactive Arts, University of Wales College. UK

Creative Aerobics
Brainstorming for Planners. A treasure chest full of creative ideas and techniques by advertising and creativity expert Allen Bukoff. USA
A&T 08/21/97

Cyclops Press
Experimental publishing from Winnipeg, Canada. Cyclops Press by publisher Clive Holden features new word works in audio, literary, and electronic forms. Excellent! Canada

DevSearch indexes only sites that are relevant to building Web pages. You can search all of the major Web developer sites from one easy-to-use interface. USA

Education Writers Association
The Education Writers Association (EWA) is the national professional organization of education reporters with the intent of improving education reporting to the public. USA

Electronic Frontier Foundation
A non-profit civil liberties organization working in the public interest to protect privacy, free expression, and access to public resources and information online, as well as to promote responsibility in new media. Home of the Blue Ribbon Campaign. USA

Electronic Literature Organization
To facilitate and promote the writing, publishing, and reading of literature in electronic media. Extensive e-lit community services including chat and message boards, and the Electronic Literature Directory. Excellent! USA

Electronic Music Foundation
Founded in September 1994 to disseminate information and materials related to the history and current development of electronic music. USA

Electronic Poetry Center
EPC at State University of New York at Buffalo is an extensive collection of contemporary poets, poems, critical thought and theory, and more. Loss Glazier is publisher and editor of this important resource. USA

Scotland's first online forum for electronic art and multimedia. New works specially designed for the site. UK

Experimenta Media Arts
Organization with a goal to stimulate experimentation by artists in their use of digital media through a variety of projects. Australia

Experimental Art Foundation
Art talks and forums, publications, literary and visual projects, exhibitions, studios, information, and more. Australia

An organization for independent filmmakers, animators, intermedia and new media artists. Information, galleries, facilities. Canada

Festival atLântico
One of the Festival atLântico's main goals is to support a research movement towards the inherent relation between art, science, and technology. Portugal

fineArt forum
fineArt forum is the longest running art zine on the Net, since 1987. Specializing in art and technology. USA/Australia

A non-profit educational organization formed to help prepare society for anticipated advanced technologies. Primary focus is on molecular nanotechnology. USA

From Primitives to Zen
A hypertext conversion of the great reference work compiled by Mircea Eliade. World myths, high gods, death, afterlife. USA

Experimental DHTML interface by international design firm MetaDesign is interesting to see. Good info, too, about the FUSE conferences for new media designers. USA

Gallery of Interactive Geometry
Interactive mathematics and physics at the Geometry Center, University of Minnesota. Build your own rainbow. USA

GenBank DNA Sequence Database
Part of the Human Genome Project. An extensive and searchable data base of human DNA research and materials to date. Cool data and structures. USA
Zn 98/04/17

This informative Web site provides historical information about graffiti, plus some interesting examples of this unusual art form. France

Graphion Typography Museum
Information about the history and practice of typesetting including brief bios of typographic visionaries, glossary, and more. USA

Human Anatomic Variation
An illustrated encyclopedia. Human anatomy, history, fascinating facts and figures. From The Virtual Hospital, University of Iowa. USA

Human Genome Project
A multi-national, worldwide effort to learn about and document human DNA sequences. One of the largest scientific projects ever attempted. Fascinating science fiction/fact site. USA
Zn 98/04/17

Intelligent Agent
Selected articles from the print newsletter reporting on the use of interactive media and technology in arts and education. A monthly publication from Hyperactive Corporation, New York. USA

International Center of Photography
A museum, school, and center for photographers and photography. ICP's mission is to present photography's vital and central place in contemporary culture, and to lead in interpretation issues central to its development. USA

International Poetry Festival in Medellín
Founded in 1991 amid a climate of violence and death as an expression of poetry's capacity for mobilization and the rebuilding of a social fabric lacerated by explosive disintegration. Colombia

International Sculpture Center
A non-profit organization founded in 1960. The ISC advances the creation and understanding of sculpture and its unique and vital contribution to society. USA

Non-profit, international organization whose membership and collaborators consists of a wide range of individuals and institutions involved in the creative, theoretical, and technological aspects of electronic arts. Canada

To provide a forum where ITAC members interested in developing the relationship between art and innovation can meet Canadian new media artists exploring the same relationship. Canada

John Held Jr. at Art Network
A concise and comprehensive history of the modern mail art movement. Great reading. Nicely illustrated. USA

Journal of Consciousness Studies
Journal of recent papers and research into issues of mind and consciousness from the worlds of science, medicine, and philosophy. UK

Julie Van Camp
Associate Professor of Philosophy at California State University. Insightful and interesting ideas and material: ethics, aesthetics, philosophy... look in. USA

Karlheinz Stockhausen
Official home pages of this significant contemporary composer. Scores, texts, photos, CD catalog, news, and more. Germany

l’Association pour la propriété intellectuelle de l’être sur lui-même -- calls into question several mechanisms even automatisms recognized in the contemporary art. France

League for Programming Freedom
The League for Programming Freedom is an organization that opposes software patents and user interface copyrights. Information and resources for Web artists and developers. USA

Leonardo @ the Museum
Web site by the Museum of Science in Boston USA. One of the nicest LDV sites you can visit for quality of presentation and comprehensive information available. Cool QuickTime VR navigation. USA
Zn 98/04/17

Microsoft TrueType
Download the latest TrueType fonts directly from Microsoft. For both Mac and PC platforms. A free service. USA
A&T 05/29/97

Publishers. Writers. Extensive list of links to zines and magazines on the Web. From Rick Cecil. USA

Multimedia & Internet Dictionary
A multimedia and Internet dictionary focused on new media, electronic, computer, Net, and Web arts and artists. All in Japanese. No English. Japan

Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
A new media resource site with an extensive listing of new media art sites, journals, zines, projects, etc. Excellent. Canada

NASA: Molecular Gears
Just for fun. What are those wacky rocket scientists at NASA up to now? Nanotechnology -- molecule-sized machines! USA

National Enquirer ONLINE
Top news stories... truth... justice... mom and apple pie... the American way... all things good and decent... USA

News at ASCI
A Web site for art and artists using science and technology to explore new forms of creative expression. Good content. USA

A non-profit online service for the Australian Arts Community, dedicated to promoting artists from all disciplines via the Internet. Australia

New TV -- an alternative vision from new age artist and producer G.W.Stirling. Original. Canada

Nua Internet Surveys
This Internet consulting firm compiles and provides free to all visitors results of Net surveys from all over the world. Useful information and statistics, nicely presented. Ireland

All about color: articles, tips, techniques, research findings, trends, psychology, physics, application. USA

Homepage for POVLAB with access to software and information of interest to artists working with the Persistence Of Vision raytracer. France

Poynton's Color FAQ
This document clarifies aspects of color specification and image coding that are important to computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of digital images to print. Canada

Poynton's Gamma FAQ
This document clarifies aspects of nonlinear image coding in computer graphics, image processing, video, and the transfer of digital images to print. Canada

Principia Cybernetica Web
An international organization tackling age-old philosophical questions with the help of the most recent cybernetic theories and technologies. The Project's aim is the computer-supported collaborative development of an evolutionary-systemic philosophy. Belgium

Retina Reference
This Web site is a fascinating reference guide to the human eye and retina. From Dr. Lance Hahn, University of Pennsylvania. USA

Nacemos como espacio de interrelación entre arte y tecnología. Sitio de encuentro entre artistas y nuevos medios. Sitio experimental para la creación. Spain

Smilies :)
Yes, here is a definitive collection of smilies. Everything you need to know to use 'em like a pro! A fun site. USA

Sullivan's Scanning Tips Online
Haywood & Sullivan Design. Good information on scanners and scanning including expert tutorials with examples. USA
A&T 06/26/97

Sundial Media
Multimedia publisher and Web wizard Lori Shyba provides private Web site training for professionals via her state-of-the-art Sundial Media Center, Calgary, on-site speaking engagements, and on the Internet. Canada

Tasty Insect Recipes
Surfing is hard work and you need to keep up your strength. Here is a site from the good folks in the Entomology Department of Iowa State University. Read their disclaimer. A fun site. USA
Interesting insights on topics of media, cultural studies, gender, sexuality, identity by David Gauntlett, a lecturer in Social Communications at the University of Leeds. UK

The Sackner Archive
The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry was founded by Ruth and Marvin Sackner in 1979. Comprehensive collection of books, texts, periodicals, prints, drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, objects, and manuscripts. Searchable! USA

The Thing
The Thing began in 1991 as one of the first Bulletin Board System projects combining contemporary art and communication. Web works, news, and information. Great! USA

Tom's Catalog of Independent Releases
Your online guide to what's new in the world of indy music and art. Newsletter, features, reviews, and more. USA

Trillium Arts Lists
A Web-based news and information list-servers for creative artists and arts administrators. A free service. Canada
A&T 09/04/97

Extensive collection of contemporary visual, concrete, experimental, and sound poetry works, plus essays on poetics. An entertaining and significant site well worth a visit. USA

UC San Diego Semiotic Zoo
"World-Famous" San Diego Semiotic Zoo -- an amazing collection of exotic semiotic morphisms, each an example of bad design arising through failure to preserve some relevant structure. Fun with logic. USA

Universes in Universe
Art Action: project-pool: projects in search of artists, private and institutional exchange initiatives. Germany

Visual AIDS
Visual AIDS strives to increase public awareness of AIDS through the visual arts, creating programs of exhibitions, events and publications, and working in partnership with artists, galleries, museums and AIDS organizations. USA

Webmonkey's Crash Courses
Learn the ins and outs of Web development... Webmonkey's crash courses cover subjects like JavaScript, stylesheets, and the design process, usually in just one week. USA

Web Pages That Suck
A site dedicated to helping people design effective and aesthetically pleasing Web pages. From Vincent Flanders. Conservative, but helpful. USA

Whole Brain Atlas
Everything you ever wanted to know about the human brain. From the nice folks at Harvard Medical School. USA
A&T 12/11/97

William Blake Archive
Searchable hypermedia archive sponsored by the Library of Congress at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia. USA

Winsor & Newton
The arts and materials encyclopedia at Winsor Newton. To search for a specific topic or answer, enter a key word or two, and then click the search button. Great database. USA

World Fact Book
An online reference library. Facts and figures of all kinds from the friendly folks at the CIA. USA

Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
ZKM/Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe -- new media art, studies, projects, and more. German only. Germany
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