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Ted Warnell


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Electronic magazines with an emphasis on the arts -- with a spotlight on:

Global Net/Web culture, scene cool zine with monthly features and cool site reviews. Japan



International electronic publication with a focus on contemporary electronic culture. Papers, interviews, reviews, art, and poetry published monthly. Brazil

Absurdistische Liga
From artist R. Golchert's Home of Absurdism, Abshurtling Cough is a cyberzine dedicated to visual poetry. Germany

With the tongue of a serpent, and the heart of a saint -- the finest in poetry and art on the web. Art and literary zine from E.A. Lynch. USA

New media art and literary explorations. Thoughtful, stimulating, entertaining, cool! Work of Mark Amerika and friends. USA

The American Experience In Words, Music and Art. Poetry, political satire, audio files, and spiritual adventures. USA

Contemporary arts magazine in Los Angeles. Visual and literary arts, news and interviews, and more. USA

Art On Your Mind
An intellectual salon/literary e-zine/publicity resource focused on creative artists of Long Island's East End. Writers, poets, painters, film-makers, photographers, sculptors, musicians, composers... USA

Art Topos
Web-based zine of fine arts with a focus on contemporary Greek artists. Nicely done. Greece

Authors at Eastgate
Journal of hypertext and electronic arts projects, both fiction and non-fiction. Eastgate is seeking new works of merit and interest. USA

Barcelona Review
An international review of contemporary fiction. Also drama, interviews, reviews, previews, and features. Spain

Hypertext/hypermedia literary journal from San Francisco. BeeHive publishes contemporary fiction, theory, and poetry in interfaces that strive to enrich and enliven the experience of text-based content on the Web. USA

Big Bridge
Web zine of poetry and everything else! Creative writing, poetry, art, and Web works. USA

Born Magazine
A showcase for design and literature. A stellar cast of artists and desginers from around the globe plus fine literary works in this very cool zine. USA

Boston Review
Boston Review combines commitments to public reason and literary imagination. Politics and poetry from MIT. USA

Cauldron & Net
Online zine dedicated to all that is new media. Features few words and many works by numerous of the Web's most creative community. Published by Claire Dinsmore. USA

Crash Land
Crash Land is the only In-Flight Digizine for today's busy Cybernaught. Art and poetry zine by Mark Weissburg. USA

Crash Media
An independent publication with a split personality. Crash Media is (looking at) independent media [around the world]. Published bi-mothly as a tabloid newspaper and as often as you like online. UK

An alternative non-commercial literary publication for a new generation of information-age writers. USA

International journal of theory, technology, and culture. Postmodern theory, articles, interviews, key book reviews. Excellent. Canada

An interdisciplinary journal of art and cultural studies, addressing critical issues in contemporary institutions and practices. USA

Cyanobacteria Publications
Home page for Glossolalia, an electronic journal for experimental arts, especially texts. Edited by artist and poet Jukka Lehmus. Finland

Dance Online
Great Web page design plus imagery, animation, features, reviews, lively interviews and exhibitions, previews and listings for dance in the New York City area. USA
A&T 06/12/97

Deluxe Rubber Chicken
Zine with a focus on new art and literature, poetics, and critical theory. Interesting! From publisher and poet Mark Peters. USA

diffference engine
An online forum for writers and artists from Christopher Meyers. Many first-rate visual poetry and experimental word works here. Web works section coming soon. Submissions welcome. USA

A Web zine that presents contemporary German language literature in a bilingual format to the English speaking public. Prose and poetry. USA

Part zine plus personal experimental creativity laboratory from artists Morbus and Yakub. "Disobey is a way to express what is in our head". Fine art and writing. USA

Experimental poetry review with a focus on international mail art, new languages, and electronic media. Site is in French mainly. France

Online publication dedicated to cross-pollination and interactivity, showcasing the best practitioners of prose, poetry, criticism, translation, photography, hypertext, sound, video and digital art. USA

Electronic Visual Arts Journal
A forum dedicated to the exploration of the visual arts. EVA is seeking developments, ideas, artists, and investigators. Canada

First Monday
The aim of First Monday is to publish original articles about the Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure. Denmark

An independent, alternative, and eclectic Web magazine covering world culture, media, experimental Web art and design. USA

Web news, views, technology, culture, previews, reviews, interviews, Internet. The latest in all that is wired. USA

IdN Magazine
Bi-monthly international digital design magazine with a focus on art and technology issues. English and Chinese versions. Hong Kong

Iowa Review Web
Hyperfine publication in both print and electronic format. The review publishs hypertext, fiction, poetry, more. Always good reading. USA

New media art and culture zine published as a series of Web installations. Interesting. German (mainly) plus English. Switzerland

inIVA Online
Works by contemporary visual artists from different cultures and backgrounds. Art and ideas from the United Kingdom and abroad. UK

Excellent online journal investigating issues and aspects of the cyber/human/machine relationship. From IBM. USA

Leonardo Online
A professional society for individuals and organizations interested in the use of science or developing technologies in the contemporary arts. Online and print versions from MIT Press. USA

Luna Córnea
Luna Córnea es una publicación monográfica, cuatrimestral, que se plantea como un espacio de reflexión y de análisis de la fotografía. Mexican photography. Mexico

Mediamatic Magazine
A sophisticated and beautiful quarterly on art and media, and changes being wrought by techno-culture, hypermedia, and virtuality. Netherlands

New Media Notes
Gary Crighton's new media zine exploring the relationship between art and technology. It is not concerned only with but aims to cover a wide range of issues affecting artists today. Ireland

Web-based journal of hypertext literature and art. An unusual and interesting labyrinth construction. Canada

One Zero One
A hypertext fiction magazine which features stories, poetry, art, theory, film, and video. USA

Parallel Gallery/Journal
A zine with an emphasis on new, experimental works. Architecture, art, fiction, design, video, film, language, sexuality, death, writing. Australia

P-Form Magazine
Created in 1986 by a small group of Chicago performance artists to add to the development and understanding of performance art. USA

New media arts and literary journal from the College of Creative Arts, San Francisco State University. A tool. A process... USA

Poems that Go
A quarterly journal created to unite words, design, music, and motion, and to celebrate poetry through technology and the Internet. Poetry, essays, and more. USA
Argentine and Latin-American poetry cyberzine. Includes unreleased poems, poetry book previews, and out-of-print or hard to get books. Non-English. Argentina

Postmodern Culture
The electronic journal of culture and ideas. Texts for an active mind. Published by Johns Hopkins University Press. USA

Prism International
New and established writers from around the world. Fiction, poetry, drama, translation, and creative non-fiction. Canada

Recursive Angel
Specializing in cutting edge of poetry, fiction and art. Pays a fee for high quality experimental works. All genres entertained. USA

Rhizome Internet
Dedicated to fostering communication and community in the field of new media art. Home of Rhizome Raw and Rhizome Digest email lists. USA

Fine arts magazine. Art, digital, photo, poetry, fiction, features, and featured artists and writers. USA

Global Net/Web culture, scene cool zine with monthly features and cool site reviews. Japan

Shift Control
British zine published weekly covers the Net, culture, arts and entertainment. Great content. UK

An organization of happy and weird people with varying talents and technical capabilities who like to question components of perceived reality and meaning. Good! UK

Zine of contemporary culture -- people, books, ideas, interviews, articles, new writing. Established and unpublished authors. UK

Online magazine covering art, film, fashion, culture, interviews, and more. Japan

A small cybercafe of few words and big talent. Fine visual, literary, and audio works at this site by E.A. Lynch. USA

Stunned ArtZine
An independent artist run zine showcasing new visual art with both traditional and new media Web art projects. Ireland

A new media art journal interested in fostering a critical viewpoint on issues and developments in the multiple crossovers between art and technology. USA

Zine specializing in Net culture including new media art and theory. See Terminal Web events, and Container theoretical themes and articles. German and English. Germany

The Arm's Extent
An underground art and literary magazine distributed freely at venues within public view around Seattle. USA

The Bridge
Web-based zine with innovative poetry, art, fiction, and photography. USA

The Fray
The Fray is a place for people who believe the Web is about personal expression and a new kind of art. Great zine! USA

The Kaldron
Online version of North America's longest running visual poetry magazine. From Karl Young and friends. USA

The Little Magazine
Literary journal devoted to publishing fiction and poetry in experimental forms, since 1965. English Department, State University of New York. USA

The Passing Show
Published bi-monthly by Ken Sadler, this active little zine publishes art, poetry, net culture, and more... all in passing. USA

Nicely designed Web site featuring new works of music, visual, literary, and poetic arts. The artist's biography section (in progress) looks promising. USA

Antropologia, Artigos, Cinema Eletrônico, Cybercultura, Entrevistas, Esoterismo, Exposições Virtuais, Música, Poesia, Prosa, Turismo Virtual... Brazil

The TUG site recreates itself as a two-way portal where Art may confront and co-operate with other disciplines in order to envision and influence future society. Norway

Journal for analysis of the currents beneath current events. Published three times per year. University of Oregon. USA

Universal Del Libro
Zine with a focus on visual poetry and literature, mail art projects, cultural contacts, and more. Spanish (mainly) and English. Spain

Urban Desires
New York 'more than a zine' site promoting unusual, unexpected, and experimental film, animation, and new media arts. Hypercool. USA

V2_East carries information relating to electronic and media art, past and future events, institutions and individuals, research and funding sources with a focus on Eastern Europe. Netherlands

Zine with a goal to publish entirely original material of the highest possible standard in the fields of literature, visual art, journalism and, where practical, Internet-based multimedia. UK

Vistaview's Journal
Elegant zine focused on contemporary and new media fine arts from Vistaview Creative Associates, New York. Articles, news, reviews, plus candids from the gallery scene. Bookmark this one. USA

Why Not Sneeze?
A Web site of projects and theories exploring unique possibilities offered by the Net, and the influence the Net is having on art. Netherlands

Word Magazine
Word is issues, culture, transcendent -- one of the most interesting zines anywhere. Open submissions policy. USA

Picture Stories at Zonezero Magazine: from analog to digital photography. Photo-essays by a number of leading photographic artists. USA
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