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Ted Warnell


New media Web links at Zn

Visual, hyper, and cyberpoetry sites on the Web -- with a spotlight on:

Spong at the Birdhouse; visual, concrete, cyberpoetry and art. HTML Web wackiness. USA



2River Poetry
2River publishes individual volumes by authors, as well as The 2River View, a quarterly journal of art and poetry. USA
Minimal. Conceptual. Web design and theory, works of art, words, language. Artist Daisuke Miyagawa. Japan

A beautiful site and an extensive collection of visual poetry by artist and writer Siegfried Holzbauer. English and German. Austria

More new media visual literary theory practice from Ted Warnell, plus artists, poets, and creatives from around the globe. Canada

Web site of experimental poetry and writings by Thomas Lowe Taylor. Without doubt, some of the most eloquent new writings you will find anywhere. USA

André Vallias
A beautifully designed site with interesting content from graphic artist and poet André Vallias. Portugese mainly plus English. Brazil

Anthology of Hypermedia Poetry
Extensive listing of hypermedia, hypercard, hypertext, network hypermedia, and text-generating software by Chris Funkhouser. USA

Around A Corner: an epidermis
An extensive work of experimental prose and poetry by poet Peter Ganick. Rhythmic, hypnotic, and captivating textual texture. Excellent. USA

Barbara Graves
Straight ahead Web site showcase of multimedia poetry touches on powerful and universal themes. Check this! USA

Bill Marsh
Home site of poet and publisher Bill Marsh, including Paper Brain Press and Billseye gallery of visual poetry and poetic quotations. USA

Birdhouse Spong
Spong at the Birdhouse; visual, concrete, cyberpoetry and art. HTML Web wackiness. USA

Brian Lennon
Fine new media art, literature, theory, and criticism from artist and poet Brian Lennon. Articulate and engaging. USA

Clemente Padin
Personal home page of poet and writer, graphic, multimedia, and performance artist, videomaker, art critic, and networker Clemente Padin. Uruguay

Click Poetry
Minimalist poems combining text and recorded speech by David Knoebel. Brilliantly focused, lucid poetic expression. USA
A&T 11/06/97 ~ Zn 98/10/09

CybpherAnthology of Discontiguous Literature
A project of Burning Press by Luigi-Bob Drake. Home site of Potepoetzine and Potepoettext from poet and publisher Peter Ganick. Excellent experimental word works! USA

Primarily text-based Web site with an unusual and beautifully simple navigation interface. Visual and concrete poetry by artist and poet Krumm. UK

Dennis J. Garvin
Creative and colorful letters, numbers, and graphics in numerous works at this Web site. Visual and sound poetry experiments in GIF and WAV formats. Interesting! USA

Diagram Poems
Unique and entertaining diagram poems by Jim Rosenberg. ASCII art and poetry. USA

Artist, poet, and Web designer David Chan. Very visual poetry with a twist. See this! Hong Kong

East Village Poetry Web
The Poetry Web project by English Professor Jack Kimball publishes works of fine art and poetry from around the globe. Tres fine. Japan

Ecritures & Ordinateurs
Ecritures & Ordinateurs is a new French review of new media poetry in a period of gestation. From Eric Serandour. France

Endless Samsara
Art, poetry, and mythology by Howard Zyrb. Original graphic art works based on world myths are especially interesting at this finely crafted Web site. USA

Flightless Hummingbird
A pseudo-periodical of art, paranoia, eschatology, fashion tips... Nicely done hypertext images, poetry, and prose. USA

Go! Poetry
Galinsky's Online Poetry. Poetry plus live audio and video netcasts, performance, and interviews. USA

Grim is part of a digital residency project at University of Northumbria, Newcastle. Great poetry and essays by a number of writers. UK

Digital holograms by Eduardo Kac investigate the nature of language and its relationship to visuality. Experimental poetry and conceptual art. USA

Irving Weiss
Homepage of poet and publisher Irving Weiss. New works of traditional plus visual poetry and writings by the artist, books and more. USA

Jackson Mac Low
Experimental performance poetry works constructed by calculated 'chance' factors gleaned from source texts. Avant garde, but with strong ties to traditional poetry. Excellent! USA

Jim Andrews Vispo
Visual poetry, art, and experimental Web works by artist and poet Jim Andrews. The ABC's of a new art. Canada
A&T 05/22/97

Joe Keenan
An eclectic suite of interesting and engaging code and visual poems from programmer and poet Joe Keenan. Of special interest here are the programmed 'chance' works. USA

Experimental hypertexts: spidertangle wordround, an online interwriting workshop open to new collaborators, and Literature Nation, interwriting by Miekal And and Maria Damon. USA

John Cayley
A cybertextual project by artist and poet John Cayley. Machine modulated poetry, books unbound, plastic literary objects, and more at this fascinating Web site. UK

Joseph Matheny
Lyrics, poetry, writing, and visuals by artist and new media main man Joseph Matheny. Good use of Web technology at this site shows how much can be accomplished with basics. USA

Web site of poetry "performance" -- Realaudio readings, some accompanied by graphics/animation, plus a Realvideo 'silent' reading from the streets of New York City... USA

Literature, concrete poetry, animated poetry, hyperpoems, and more from artist and poet Olaf Koch. German and English. Germany

Komninos Cyberpoetry
Personal Web site of writer and poet Komninos. Interactive HTML, and animated stories and poems. Australia

Larry Jaffe
A poet, copywriter, and Web developer dedicated to putting poetry back in the hands of the people. He hosts a weekly poetry reading in Los Angeles called Poetic License. USA

Lawrence Upton
An ad hoc selection of poetry and other writing at this straight ahead Web site by poet and publisher Lawrence Upton. UK

Light & Dust Poets
An extensive and important collection of experimental visual and new media poetry, plus rare and hard to find books at this Web site by poet and publisher Karl Young. USA
A&T 01/15/98

Magnetic Poetry
Build your own poetry at this interesting and unusual Web site. Words stick to your screen like refrigerator magnets thanks to some very creative programming. A fun site! USA

Michael Basinski
This EPC bio page and Web site of contemporary poet Michael Basinski features numerous works of colorful, experimental poetry and writings by the artist. First rate! USA

An electronic journal of poetry and poetics. Poems, essays, and creative writing with a contemporary flavor. USA

Nine Rooms
A nine part poem. Visual and textual work with nice navigation and excellent presentation from Martin Auer. Austria

New media Web installation art and visual poetry work by artist and writer Juliet Ann Martin. Nice work! USA

Cyberpoetry magazine featuring the inventive visual works of a number of artists and poets. Non-English. Japan

Pantone 333 CVP
Experimental poet and artist Jukka Lehmus, publisher of Glossolalia, an electronic journal for experimental arts. Finland

Picture Poems
Some Cognitive and Aesthetic Principles. A paper exploring cognitive and aesthetic principles concerning picture poems. By Professor Reuven Tsur. Israel

Poem Invasion
A cyber-chapbook of poetry and visual poetry by Kevin Taylor. Fine reading and viewing plus streaming audio at this site. Canada

Poetry Machine
Martin Auer's Poetry Machine -- a poetic web in which texts are interconnected by association rather than threaded one after the other. Austria

Poetry on my Mind
Unique windows into the mind... From the Department of Neurology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University. USA

Poetry Should Be Made By All
From hypertext utopias to cooperative Net projects. Hypertext, Net culture, cultural networks. Germany

Poet's Park
One of the biggest and best poetry zines on the Web. Lots of great talent, plus resources and services for creative writers. By poet and Webmaster Richard Soos. USA

Visual poetry of Fabio Doctorovich and friends. An entertaining and informative site. Argentina
A&T 03/13/97

Project Equinox
An international project to promote world peace through poetry. 250 poets from 24 nations. Great reading. USA

An automatic, random poetry generator on the Web. Use your back button to continuously generate new poems. A fun site. USA

Words and works for the cyber age by Reiner Strasser and friends. Web works, visual poetry, and more. Germany

Poem by Nari and friends. Visual poetry from the cyberstream plus new media art and theory from around the globe. Canada

Runaway Spoon Press
Micropress of publisher and poet Bob Grumman. Extensive selection of visual poetry and literature chapbooks by emerging and established artists and poets. USA

Shiki Masaoka
About Shiki Masaoka, well known in Japan for introducing a new and popular style of haiku. From The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon. Japan

Dedicado exclusivamente a la poesía visual y expresión plástica. Visual poetry from Madrid. Spanish only. Spain

Skipsilver Quantumgodsite
Visuals plus visual and literary texts, innovative dynamic HTML texts, and more for the eye and mind at this unusual and engaging Web site. USA

An installation work for the Web. Perhaps as remarkable for what the artist has judiciously chosen to leave out as it is for what is included. Canada
A&T 08/07/97

Toute l'Actualité de la Poésie Inadmissible sur le Net -- French, fresh, and fresh flesh. Sound, concrete, visual, cyber, idiot, action POETRY, with an international cast of poets. French mainly. France

The Art of Joel Tallent
Whimsical illustrated poetry by New York artist Joel Tallent. A delightful site. USA

The Illustrated Rad
A great mixture of classical art collage plus new and original poems. Illustrated poetry by artist and poet I.B. Rad. USA

The Poets' Place
The place for poets and poetry at MSN. A worldwide community of creativity. Resources for writers. Hosted by Susan Katz. USA

The Virtual Affair
New media works for the cyber age including art, poetry, animation, and logic from artist and educator Reiner Strasser. Germany

Tom Bell
Personal home page of artist and poet Thomas Bell. Here is beautiful poetry and cutting-edge new media exploration. USA

Tom Purdue
Music, lyrics, poetry plus visual poetry and art at this site of experimental new media works by artist and poet Tom Purdue. USA

To Stone
A visual poem in the form of a PC executable program from artist and writer Victor Grauer. Running time is 25 minutes. About 10 minutes to download. Worth it! USA

A "Fridge" is a collection of poems, poem revisions, and comments. Anyone can submit a poem or make a comment. USA

Visual Poetry
A site dedicated to providing a showcase for concrete, visual, and new media poetry. Submissions welcomed. USA

Web Del Sol
The nature of WDS is not to present a specific theme per issue, but simply to acquire and frame the finest contemporary literary art available in America and abroad. USA
Zn 98/03/13

Web Hunter
Spectacular Adventure With Web Hunter and Donna Matrix! A short novel in fourteen parts. Released in installments on the Web beginning September 2, 1997. USA
A&T 09/04/97

Word Circuits
Homepage of hypertext/cybertext poetry and fiction by new media artist and professor Robert Kendall. High level art and technology! USA

Wr-Eye-Tings Scratchpad
A supplement to the Wr-eye-tings discussion list; a temporary space to house works currently under discussion. Traditional and new media visual poetry. USA
Poet, musician, and artist Ike Onlinen maintains this page of hip 'deconstructed' English poetry and word works with the help of talented friends and programmers. Great design! Russia

Zen Master Enso
Original notes and works of Zen Master Enso about painting with ink and Zenometry. Beautiful site. Germany
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