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Artists and their works, galleries, and online studios -- with a spotlight on:

Performances, mixed media work, holopoetry, telecommunications events, computer imaging, interactive installations, telepresence art, essays and articles. Excellent! USA



Almita's Cyberspace Gallery
An artist with a light touch. Almita Ranstrom's cybergallery of truly excellent all-digital imagery. Nicely documented. USA

Anchise Picchi
A painter, sculptor, and engraver. Many fine digital paintings in this Web site art gallery. Italy

Anderas Loeschner-Gornau
Works for the Web by artist and sculptor Anderas Loeschner-Gornau. Interactive and animated works of wonder. Germany

Annie Abrahams
Look in to computer paintings, constructions, expositions, installations, texts and papers on chaos theory, and more at the site of this very creative and prolific artist. France

Another Form of Intervention II
From new media artist and writer Claire Allan Dinsmore, a dark and richly exotic site of fine digital imagery and texts exploring subjects creative and philosophical. USA

Antoine Moreau Exposition
An innovative, interactive, participatory art exhibit at the Web site of artist Antoine Moreau. France
A&T 04/10/97

Arnold Dreyblatt
Two art projects, Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933 and Memory Arena by artist Arnold Dreyblatt in collaboration with the Kulturinformatik Dept. of the University of Lüneburg. Germany

Art, drawings, sketches, notes, and more in the beautiful gallery Web site of Spanish artist Carmen Cano. Spain

Art Machine Originals
Artist and entrepreneur Greg Kolodziejzyk has developed a unique way to produce high quality paintings from computer renderings. USA

Avi Rosen
Media artist Avi Rosen's site provides opportunity for everyone to participate in the creation of a unique online art. Here you can create your own art by rearranging the components of each art work. Israel

Barbara's Studio
Fine artist Barbara Branham's drawings and paintings are about memory and overlapping periods of time. Ordinary objects in unexpected juxtapositions. Great graphics. USA

Barry Smylie
A Web site gallery, zine, and new media visual and literary works by artist and writer Barry Smylie. Something for all at this super site in the cyberstream. Canada

Benoît Maubrey
Berlin-based performance artist Benoît Maubrey and his Audio Gruppe have been building electro-acoustic clothing and suits since 1983. An unusual art! Germany

Beverly Reiser
Voice Garden: Labyrinth of Love, Labyrinth of Desire is an interactive multimedia CD-ROM work concerning the various evolutional possibilities of mankind. From new media artist Beverly Reiser and friends. USA

Boguslaw Mosielski
High realism watercolor and photography by artist Boguslaw Mosielski. Outstanding portraiture by this master of light. Canada

Carmin's Visuals
Digital photo-collage and Web works by multimedia artist Carmin. Fine all-digital art works. USA

Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt
Award winning watercolors and botanical illustration by artist Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt. USA
A&T 03/27/97

Cary Peppermint
Cary Peppermint is about to enter you via the luminous splendor of pixelated light and the unpredictable resolve of your chosen audio system. USA

Catch 23
Web site art gallery of artist and poet J. Michael Mollohan. Nice layout, digital art works, and very beautiful and complex visual poetry. USA

Christy Sheffield Sanford
Creative art, writings, new media explorations including frames, Java, animation, and more at the Web site of this talented and prolific artist and writer. USA

Classic Rock Gallery
A blast from the past with Rolling Stone photographer Robert Altman. Seventeen rooms of great memories at this extensive Web site. USA
A&T 10/02/97

Coax Life
A gallery of beautiful abstract art. Paintings and text by artist Judith Juntura Miller. USA

Computer Art
A gallery of raytraced art by Brazilian artist Afonso C.M. Klein. These works are good! Brazil

Craig Berlin
Computer Generated Imaging. Fine 3D abstract and representational digital imagery in the galleries at this site. USA

Ed Tannenbaum
Electrons Tamed for the Arts -- the personal Web site of experimental artist Ed Tannenbaum. A fine and intelligent art! USA

Eduardo Kac
Performances, mixed media work, holopoetry, telecommunications events, computer imaging, interactive installations, telepresence art, essays and articles. Excellent! USA

Ellen Architect of Change
Web site of artist and architect of change Ellen Pronk includes creative texts, images, and new media mayhem. Worth seeing. Netherlands

Encounter of the Universes
Storyboard for artist Francis Wittenberger's high-tech installation work for real space and the Web. One component of a project exploring original consciousness research and digital art. Germany
A&T 08/28/97

Eric Chabrely
An experimental work of short stories, sound, words, images, and animation. Nice concept, graphic design, and layout. France

Face Value
Notes on social media and self-exchange. Interactive hypertext project of pop-up forms by Web artist Nino Rodriguez. USA

Fuzzy Dreamz
Marvelous animated graphics and video clips by Dr. Hugo, Professor (Multimedia Lab) at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts. Belgium

Philip Glass on the Web: discography, news, bibliography, pictures, articles, audio files, and more. Germany

Gerald O'Connell
Personal home pages of contemporary artist Gerald O'Connell. Here, too, is information on the Renaissance 2001 Web Ring and global Lighthomes project. UK

Graham Crawford
Not really a gallery, Exile is more like the artist's own studio. Intriguing new media (Shockwave) art works. Australia

Art works and texts by artist Jeremy Welsh, professor of media art at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Intelligent and interesting site. Norway

Hiroshi Mizukoshi
Digital art. Strangely beautiful abstract works of artist Hiroshi Mizukoshi. Japan

Iberę Romani
Words and pictures by photographer Iberę Romani -- gentle shots of calm scenarios that bring about strong images. Good. Brazil

Infrarealism Gallery
Personal online art gallery of Stanislaw Kors. Unique infrarealism by this master painter. South Africa

Jeff Gates
Web artist and photographer Jeff Gates. Truly exceptional creativity, humor, hypertext, with first-rate graphics and text. Engaging and entertaining. USA

Joseph Nechvatal
The Wicked Slide Show: digitally-controlled robotic arms and computer virus paintings. An electronic slide show of innovative works at Alfred University. USA

Experimental, animated, hyperlinked, JavaScript installation art work for the Web. From new media artists Claire Cann and Richard Allalouf. UK

Lev Manovich
Lev Manovich is an artist and a theorist of new media with essays, projects, and more at this very designed site. USA

Libor Jupa
Highest quality, all black and white fine art photography. A first rate Web site. Canada

Life with Father
Artist Joseph Squier's touching and powerful story of abuse, understanding, and forgiveness told in images and text. USA

Digital and performance art works in a well considered presentation. Artist Brent Scott. USA
A&T 02/20/97

Man Ray
Internet site officially authorized by the Man Ray Trust to propose, under certain conditions, reproductions of the Man Ray works presented in the site. France

Marius Watz
Web site of 'media dillettante', designer, artist, Marius Watz -- exploring the new spaces of technological existence... teaching the eyes to see the unseen. Norway

Matthias Groebel
A Virtual Studio Visit: a Web site consisting of a series of creative texts about artist's paint and painting. Interesting reading. Germany

Mauro Montanaro
Colorful and very graphic photographs by self-taught artist Mauro Montanaro. Nice gallery presentation of these highly unique works created 'in the eye' of the photographer. Italy

Michael B. Speck
Graphite and Phosphor. Architectural sketches, drawings, and animation in traditional and digital media. Impressive, intricate work. USA

Michael Betancourt
The beautiful, surreal abstract photography of artist Michael Betancourt. The images are produced by a unique darkroom process known only to the artist. See 'statics'. USA

Mindaugas Gapsevicius
New and old media works by this talented artist are both interesting and inspiring to see. Look in. Lithuania

Web poetry, graphics, animation, ideas from Taro Watanabe. You can submit your own moods to the artist. Japan

Naoyuki Iitaka
The Painted Body exhibition. Traditional Japanese body makeup and contemporary photography meet in delicate figure studies. Japan

Nathaniel Bobbitt
High art and technology from artist and new media researcher Nathaniel Bobbitt. Genuinely fine work here. Interesting. USA

Nomi Wind
Fiber sculpture works by artist Nomi Wind at the InterART Israel Web site art gallery. Works dealing with issues of space. Beautiful. Israel

Olia Lialina
Trust-n-Dust, including My Boyfriend Came Back from the War: a Web installation work of images and text entirely in graphic black and white, and a most unusual use of browser frames. Russia

On The Way
Unusually vibrant drawings and paintings exploring technical and philosophical topics. Artist Stanley Tomshinsky. Italy

No bells, no whsitles, no graphics... Content is king at the Web site of artist and poet Beth Garrison. USA

Paul Brown
Personal Web site of artist, writer, and fineArts forum publisher Paul Brown. Images and essays relating to new technology. Australia

Piotr Szyhalski
The Spleen is a Web installation/art project by Piotr Szyhalski, faculty member at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. USA

Artist Jack Riggen (Jaxun) of California really knows how to pack a pixel -- you need to see this to understand. Nice all-digital site. USA

Web site gallery of new media experimental art and literature by artists Miekal And, Lyx Ish, Liaizon Wakest, Allegra Fi Wakest, and very creative friends. Visuals, literature, animation, sound, and more here. USA
Zn 98/02/27

Rafael J. Juárez M.
A different kind of party... new media works for the Web by artist Rafael J. Juárez M. Dark and mysterious. Nice presentation. Venezuela

Randy Adams
Web site of artist, writer, and all-round creative kinda guy Randy Adams. Nice assortment of new media visual and literary works. Canada

Richard Thomas Davis
High realist paintings in the classic technique of oil over tempera emulsion plus hand printed serigraph prints by this gifted master artist. Canada

Robert Stanley
The personal Web site gallery of Robert Stanley, fine artist. A digital master. USA

Rolf Langebartels
The experimental art and music of Rolf Langebartels, Berlin. Kinetic and audio sculpture, animation, and more. Germany
A&T 09/18/97

Roman Verostko
Art and science; algorithmically generated works from a personal expert system developed by the artist. USA

Roz Dimon
New York new media artist Roz Dimon looks at Coke, Tide, and twentieth century artifacts. Mixed media and Shockwave works plus stories. Nice site. USA

Sabine Mai
Intimate and intricate works for the Web by this highly creative new media artist. Shockwave audio and video plus animated images and more. Very fine. Germany

Cyborg performance artist whose work explores and extends the concept of the body and its relationship with technology. Australia

Strange Interactions
One of the first art exhibits ever posted on the Web. Graphics by artist and physicist John Jacobsen. USA
A&T 04/03/97

Digital imagery presented like stills from a movie. Concept works exploring human/machine/technology themes by artist Patrick Jambon. Germany

Susan Murray
A site investigating nonlinear storytelling. Research and projects by artist and writer Susan Murray. Interesting material. USA

Yet another Web site by yours truly; this site features works and 're-works' for, by, and entirely in the new media -- dynamic vis-lit via Net and Web technologies. Canada

Taneli Laasonen
Delightful galleries of light and dark digital imagination by visual artist Taneli Laasonen. Good work. Finland

The Art of Kenneth A. Huff
Computer-generated, digital fine art and limited edition prints at the Web site gallery of artist Kenneth A. Huff. USA
A&T 11/27/97

The Art.)Watchers
Artist and educator Reiner Strasser maintains this delightful online art gallery of traditional plus new media works. Nice mix of art, ideas, fun. Germany
A&T 10/16/97

The Attic Window
Artist Diane Fenster's Web site of Web site installations. Original and unique visual/literary works of fine art. USA
A&T 07/24/97

The Bathrooms of Madison County
A love story in seven short Web pages. Brief but engaging photo-essay by Fluxus artist and psychologist Allen Bukoff, and professional writer Janice Putman. USA
A&T 08/21/97

The Secret Garden
Floral radiographic art by Albert Richards, and one of the classiest personal galleries on the Web. See this! USA

Thomas Puzzutelli
Digital photography and imaging by Thomas Puzzutelli explores places and spaces in the artist's world. First rate. USA

Timothy Ingen Housz
DonkeyTV and The Elephant's Memory: QuickTime movies plus animation/page layout. Interesting ideas. Germany

Tina LaPorta
New media/multimedia artist Tina LaPorta's Shifting, a beautiful Shockwave audio/video installation work for the Web. USA
Zn 98/03/27

Irish multimedia artist Linda O'Dwyer. One of the nicest all-graphic hypertext installations I've seen. Ireland

Truth is a Moving Target
Shockwave art installation work at The Thing by Austrian new media artist Erwin Redl. Tres cool A&T! USA

Woodcarvings, Etc.
Rich and expressive woodcarvings by New Jersey artist Marcia Sandmeyer Wilson. Folk Surrealism! Big page, lots of images, long download, worth the wait. USA

Word Page
Personal home page of AlienFlower Poetry Workshop host Janan Platt. Audio and animated poetry plus Web works. USA
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